UCLA trailing Oregon 38-24 at the half

The jerseys might be different, but the Oregon Ducks are pretty much doing exactly what Washington State did to UCLA next Saturday at Beasley Coliseum.

Only under the bright lights of the Staples Center, it looks much worth.

The Bruins have been utterly lethargic in slinking to a 38-24 halftime deficit.

If a buzzer-beating, running bank 3-pointer by Garrett Sim seemed like the dagger, it was only one of many. The Ducks were sly with their sharp weapons, though, striking directly into the heart of the UCLA defense. Oregon, like the Cougars on Saturday, penetrated with ease, breaking down the Bruin backcourt, which looked slow-footed and feeble.

Sim and EJ Singler have led the Ducks, Singler’s 11 points a game-high so far, but seven players have three or more points.

UCLA does not have a similar issue. The Bruins were led by Tyler Honeycutt’s 11 points, but only five players have scored, and Joshua Smith (five points) is the only other Bruin with more than three points.

That’s what a six-for-24 start, with eight turnovers, will do for a team. The worst sequence? A shot-clock violation that immediately followed a technical for too many men on the court.

In a season full of highs-and-lows, that might have been the lowest.

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  • Utterly Pathetic

    Humiliating half of basketball. Put in the reserves. Put in the fans. Put in ANYONE who wants to actually play.

    How could we come out this ugly? Do we seriously need to find motivation 30 games into the season? In the conference Tourney???? I mean gee, it isn’t like the NCAA Tournement Selection Committee is watching or anything.

    This team continues to need a major heart transplant.

  • bigbruin

    This team is playing with no heart, guts, and balls. Are you freaking kidding me!! Its like they believe in their minds that a number-one seed for the NCAA tournamnet is owed to them.

  • Anonymous

    I hope we lose in the first round of the ncaa tournament and Gerrero can get himself a new head coach.

  • BruinFaithful

    F’n horrible. We are playing like we don’t give a shhhhh. Like a F’n Men’s Gym pick up game. Howland is doing NOTHING to stop it. I haven’t even seen him call many TO’s. PATHETIC!!!! They came out flat as a 2 month old bottle of pop. This is solely BH’s fault. UNREAL!!!! Good timing on that BH, Bilas, Vitale story BTW.

  • Anonymous

    Again, yeah, Honeycutt, Lee, and Nelson are ready for the NBA. Please! They couldn’t do a thing in an important game against a Pac-10 cellar dweller Oregon. Did the team lose on purpose so the injured guys could have a break? Nice six men on the court violation. Anderson should be starting over Jones. Jones is playing one handed and is totally ineffective. Anderson is playing well except for his horrible free throwing. Let Anderson start.

  • Anonymous

    Please tell me that Howland was sandbagging… or we can look forward to one more game for the Bruins this season.