Rapid Reactions: Malcolm Lee

UCLA junior guard Malcolm Lee on…

On the thought that it is a good thing UCLA is playing a “name” opponent like Michigan State, after the Bruins have taken lesser teams lightly:
Malcolm Lee: “Oh yeah, most definitely. That’s probably going to work in our favor, especially given that they’re a Final Four team last year. They’re a team not to take lightly. I’m sure we all know that.”

On looking at the bracket, even ahead to Florida:
ML: “Florida is a really good team, but we can’t look past any game. We have to worry about Michigan State right now. We know what road is ahead of us, and that’s more motivation that’s going to fuel our fire. I think everyone is going to be on the right track.”

On the idea that this season was supposed to be a rebuilding season, and that the big leap would be next year:
ML: “We expected it this year. Although we didn’t have a good start, we knew we had the talent and the potential to be a legit team this year. We weren’t really surprised at the big leap we had in one year. We also feel that because a good leap, that leap could’ve been better. We let some games go. But that’s just a learning experience, and I think it will help in the future.”

More on the idea of being “just happy to be there”:
ML: “We’re coming into this tournament with the mindset to win it all, just one game at a time. It would be wrong on our behalf if we were just excited that we got back in the tournament.”