Weekly Q&A

Fire away with questions for this week’s Q&A. Please don’t post new questions on the answers section, because I don’t always check the comments. Save them for next week.


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  • SnailOfWestwood

    Do you think it’s harder to be successful as a college football coach or college basketball coach in this day and age? Why?

  • rejn

    Was Dan Guerrero a memeber of this years (2011) BB Tournament Selection Committee?


    Hey Jon,
    Do you think that even though Ben Howland has said in the past that he is at his “Dream Job,” that sometimes he wishes he was back at Pittsburgh? Also, I know a lot of UCLA fans dislike Steve Lavin, but with the recent sucess that he has had at St. John’s, do you think they might change their minds about him and would be willing to have him back? By the way, you’re doing a great job Jon!

  • Spencer

    Prediction time. How do you think starts at the 3 next year?

  • tim warren

    In case this is answered in time – Help! Over the years, I’ve learned the hard way to take Tom Izzo far in my NCAA pool every year. What do I do this year?

  • jscout13

    During your long explanation about “the kiss” a week or so ago you mentioned you were the beat writer for SDSU. I’m an alumni there from ’02-’05 did you write on SDSU during that time? For which paper? The UT? How do you like their chances to reach the second weekend?

  • Bobby

    Assuming Honeycutt leaves, which everyone seems to agree his will, and so does D Williams. It still seems like UCLA is outside of Ariz and Wash talent-wise for next year. I think we will get around the same number of wins and a similar seed in the tourney. Am I being pessimistic, optimistic, or realistic???

  • BruinInSeattle

    What do you do with the unanswered questions from the last round? (compost?) And, what happened to Q&A Part II last week, considering we did receive parts I and III? Thanks!

  • Austin

    Recently your RSS feed has started cutting off the feed after a few lines of text. Are you doing this on purpose or is it an error on IT’s side?

    Love the blog. Keep up the good work.


  • romeojam

    Zeke’s production has really fallen off over the last few games. Do you attribute this to his injured wrist, lack of confidence, teams scheming defensively better against him, or hitting the proverbial freshman wall? Does Howland make the switch to J.Anderson (who has been a little more consistent and more confident with his shot) to start at PG?

  • TK Bruin

    Hey Jon, can you explain why UCLA has only 17 FB commits? Do they have any scholarships left to give? And if so, are there any noteworthy potential gets?

  • UCLA3

    Any idea how many tourney tickets each player and each coach gets for personal use (per round)?

  • 951Bruin

    When will the team be leaving for Tampa?

  • Anonymous

    When will D’End Parker take an official visit to UCLA?

  • Haru

    What kind of impact do you see our three important incoming players, Norman Powell, and the two Wear twins, having on our team next year? With Reeves staying (to me), and Honeycutt hopefully staying as well (but I have no idea there), it seems that we’ll have the forward position… fairly well off, if those two can have the same improvement (well, not so much Honeycutt, I guess) to the next year. Not to forget about Brendan Lane, though.

    And, of course, Norman Powell, how does he look to fit in with our guards?

    (on a past note, what are the chances that Nelson leaves for the NBA?)

  • BruinBall

    Is anyone clean at the top? With the Cam Newton saga, the trinkets for tattoos at Ohio State and now the Oregon “scouting” service scandal…can a clean football program compete these days?

  • 909Bruin

    first let me say that you were right about the Bruin squad not winning the Pac in bball… now my question is what is Larry Drew III doing RIGHT NOW? is he in school somewhere? what are our chances with him? thanks!

  • ucla-of-the rockies

    Do you have anything new to report health-wise on big Josh Smith? (And I’m not kidding about Twinkies here). After flat dunking on opponents a few weeks back, he now looks slower, with less “lift” and his shot even getting blocked a lot inside by smaller opponents down the stretch. Of course, this insight comes via TV. You notice anything recently up close or in practice?

  • Anonymous

    Curious how much pressure you think Ben Howland is under to advance to the Elite Eight? I’m sure nobody at UCLA is happy to lose the Pac-10 Tournament opener and be shunned to the side. What is your take on how UCLA officials view Howland??


    It seems Ayer’s and Moore’s stock dipped a bit following the combine…. any chance either returns next season?

  • bruinstc

    I appreciate all your hardwork but there seems one profound disconnect: you keep saying Bruins fan expectations are too high. Why shouldn’t our expectations be high? Terry Donahue years we were a top 15 football team. Toledo’s as well. Admittedly the underdog to SC but still a strong football team was fielded regularly. We are an elite school in basketball. We should be winning PAC 10 championships regularly and competing for national championships semi-regularly. UCLA is located in a recruit rich environment. If you are saying the fan base had too high of expectations this year, well maybe, but the coaches have been here a few years. Why shouldn’t Bruin fans have high expectations and demands?

  • First, football: You say Terry Donahue years WERE and Todelo’s WAS and that a strong team WAS fielded regularly. Yeah, 20 years ago, UCLA was a great football team. Yeah, 13 years ago, the team was great. Yeah, 2005 was a very, very good year. But THIS is a team that has gone 4-8 the last three years, so you SHOULD alter your expectations.

    Second, basketball: UCLA WAS IN THREE FINAL FOURS IN THE MID-2000s, had one dreadful season, and appears back on track to competing for regular Pac-10 championships. So far they’ve made it to the third round of the NCAA Tournament without a senior on the roster, with immature and wild players. What MORE do you want from THIS team?

    I’m not saying you should have demands. But this isn’t about demands. This is about honestly judging the teams as they are RIGHT NOW, and adjusting your expectations justly.