Inside UCLA NCAA Tournament Contest

I really, really, really didn’t want to do this again this year because a guy made my life miserable after last year’s prize distribution went awry, but whatever. We’ll do it.

I have no idea what the prizes are going to be at this point. As of now, I’m going to try to hope to get two sets of four football tickets for the winner, one set of four football tickets for second place and a set of two tickets and a prize pack of UCLA cards – including a Darren Collison, Jrue Holliday or Alterraun Verner Autograph card – for third place.

If for any reason the prize options change, please be patient with me, and don’t threaten to “email my boss because of my unprofessionalism.” If you think you’d do that, just don’t join the tournament.

Good luck: Inside UCLA NCAA Tournament Pick-em

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  • Anonymous

    what the!? So thats why you haven’t did this yet this year. Some foo got crazy last year. That is ridiculous! If I was your boss I would have been more than happy to let him email me. Screw that guy whoever it was. He can go hang out with Alexandra Wallace.

  • hogsman


    Forget about the prizes and just post the top 5 finishers and scores at the top of the website for a week or two. Seems like that would save you some trouble.

  • Just so you know, that was not directed toward you, VB.

  • DonkeyBruin

    xoxox Jon Gold xoxoxo