My Morning Bracket

Here’s a look at some of my bracket for the upcoming NCAA Tournament:

Champion: Ohio State

Championship Game: OSU/Pittsburgh

Final Four: OSU/Pitt/Duke/Notre Dame

Elite Eight: OSU/Pitt/Duke/Notre Dame/Kansas/SDSU/UCLA/North Carolina

Sweet 16: OSU/Pitt/Duke/Notre Dame/Kansas/SDSU/UCLA/North Carolina/West Virginia/Texas/UConn/BYU/Utah St./Georgetown/Louisville

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  • BruinInSeattle

    thank you for having UCLA in the elite 8…i think that is mighty generous of you…in fact, if we get there, despite the youthful inconsistency displayed during the regular season, i will kiss you!

  • captainqtp

    According to these numbers, UCLA is the team most likely to win the national championship!


    Thank goodness home grown bias does not play a role in these silly voting exercises.

    If a vote were taken as to who would prevail in a war of the worlds between earth and outer space aliens (who would have had to conquer the idea of the speed-of-light as the maximum speed in order to reach earth), bruins probably would place earth as a 2:1 favorite.


  • BruinInSeattle

    BE REAL…aren’t you an SC troll? nothing going on over there since last night I’m guessing?