UCLA weekend schedule

UCLA will practice tomorrow around 1:35 PM (PST) after a brief media session, and will play Florida in the second game on Saturday at around 11:45 AM (PST).

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  • Daniel Graham B

    Late Start may be good for us. It wasn’t a pretty second half to say the least. March is all about Win or go home. Let’s get focused and bring our A game to the Gators and good things will happen.

  • Alan

    He means that the game starts at 11:45 AM PST, which is not a late game for us.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah DG, 11:45 PM PST would be 2:45 AM in Tampa, where they are playing. Don’t feel bad, I’ve been the victim of the no edit feature on this blog before. It sucks.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Better than a 9:15 AM PST start. It would kill us. We’ll be OK. We played well for the first 30 minutes last night. Held MSU to low 30’s in FG%, Lucas to zippity do-dah. Then, MSU cranked up the intesity and AGGRESSIVENESS and we did not match it at all. So, we got the first NCAA win for these players under our belt. Now, let’s hope they can keep the Flopida wings from lighting us up! We need better guard play out of Zeke. I know he is less than 100% with his hand injuries, but he floated some bad shots last night. And Lee did a GREAT job on D. Looks like his knee won’t be much of a factor. Lane gave us good minutes. Stover gave us OK minutes. If those two (plus Lamb) can step it up one more notch for Flopida, we could be just fine! I have HOPE!