Tyler Honeycutt on UCLA’s effort

Tyler Honeycutt:

“I dont think we played 40 minutes of our greatest, but I do think we played 40 minutes of our hardest. We were missing too many easy layups, too many free throws. We could’ve played a lot better. This wasn’t a great game – but in terms of effort, I think we played 40 minutes.”

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  • bruinharry

    depressed and sad about the loss. but VERY PROUD OF OUR BOYS!!!! cannot wait for 2011.


  • Anonymous

    UCLA needs a good point guard. Jones or Anderson just don’t have the tools to strike fear into a good team. Jones made two crucial errors down the stretch with his turnover by getting trapped at half court and then with around a minute to play just dribbling the shot clock down with few possessions left. Jones should have never played so many minutes with one hand. Unfortunatly, Howland has no replacement at that position coming in soon. Florida beat us at the point, just like it was predicted.

  • Brock

    i didn’t get to watch a lot of the game today due to working overtime. but the parts that i did watch were great. every player seemed to be giving their all in the game and that is all one can really ask for. im very proud of our bruins turning around this club after such a bad season last year. i hope all of them had a fun year, but come back next year to prove they can do it. great year of basketball, good job bruins!

  • Anonymous

    Please fire CBH.please fire CBH.

  • post move

    If you fire CBH,who is better to replace him?

  • UCLArt

    Howland deserves major kudos for his coaching this year.

    I’ll take Howland over almost every other coach out there.

    The guy flat out coaches.

    We’re a few pieces away from being very good next year.

  • Blue Critter

    From where the team came at the beginning of the season, you have to be proud. This is a very young team that has developed and played beyond there capability at the end. Next year they will be FF material and with this experience can go all the way. Hunnicut is not pro material, to many turnovers, poor passes and low shooting average. If he turns pro I think he will be run off the court. He needs more quality experience and body mass. As for the rest of the team, consider the injuries and still they rank high in development. As for CBH don’t be foolish. Can anybody name another team that had as many young players that finished higher than this team? Go Bruins, the true faithful will support you.

  • post move

    Hopefully, Tyus will help in recruiting a major college point guard.

  • Go Bruins

    When you give 100% of your effort, don’t think about the result. One of Wooden’s best quotes. This team is young and will continue to mature. The future is bright for UCLA basketball.

  • yabooo

    Nice to read reasonable comments over here. I am not sure why I looked at Bruins Nation but the headline makes it seem like they were not even in the game, “Bruins don’t belong”. I am not sure what game Tydides watched but I can tell you that the bruins certainly did belong. Jon, I’m not sure how it is you get along with these guys because they are the problem that you so often complain about ucla fans. The comments get even worse. Many of the individuals commenting seem to think coach Howland should lose his job if he does not win it all next year. This is the most ridiculous thing I have heard. UCLA improved dramatically this year and played well beyond any reasonable expectations. But the expectations at Bruins Nation are quite delusional. Most everyone there thinks that only titles matter and anything less is a failure. Give me a break! I went to school at UCLA during its heyday and those days are gone forever. Most of the people at Bruins Nation were barely alive during UCLA’s heyday from 1964-1975. I just don’t get it, UCLA’s days of glory were over 35 years ago. If it weren’t for a miracle play by Tyus Edney in 1995, we would only have the glory days of Wooden to look back on. But even the great Wooden is not coming back and 1995 is now 16 long years ago. So I am glad the individuals here seem to have some common sense. In my book, this was a great year for Bruin basketball and I think next year will be even better.

  • Lifelong Bruin Fan

    Well said Yabooo.

  • doug4ucla

    Fire Ben? PLEASE give us all a break…..Easy shots missed in close and missed free throws…..Also Jones has been play with 1/4 of his hands. Look back and how he shot before he got hurt. The boys did much better than they started out…………..bring on next year.

  • bruinbiochem06

    Tyus is not really allowed to recruit.

  • anon

    this was a hard fought loss. both sides played well but florida just played better. our guys missed some gimmes and way too many FT’s again. and no reason to run down the clock with a minute left and down 6. and then not to foul immediately after the miss… but we put together a great effort against a 2 seed.

  • BruinPain

    Agreed yabooo! Delusional doesn’t begin to fully describe the paranoic rantings of Nestor and his crazy elfs. That fiefdom known as Bruins Nation is off limits to reason. The motto over there should be “Off with there heads, off with there heads!” To them I say, “Go take your meds, go take your meds!”

  • Stan

    Agree with ya Yabooo! Great post!

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad UCLA has diehard fans, even those over at Bruinsnation. I wouldn’t head over there to read b/c they’re all homers as much as Plasche and Simers are about USC over at the LA Times. This team overachieved everyone’s preseason expectations. Am I satisfied? Heck no. Am I pissed as a fan that we lost? Heck yea! But once the emotion of the game subsides, I know the game was well coached and the kids played hard(although I would’ve liked to have Jerime over Zeke in their towards the end). Those asking for Howland’s ouster and look for a coach that can field perrenial championship contending teams won’t find him. Tell me when you find the lost city of Atlantis too. Fact of the matter is there may only be a handful (I can count them on one hand) of coaches that are able to do this.

  • Anonymous

    Proud of the effort, boys!

    (And BruinsNation is a Nestor-infested hell-hole.)

  • Anonymous

    You won’t find many coaches better than Howland.

    (But Atlantis has been found, off the Pillars of Hercules, just as Plato said.)

  • post move

    Not that Edney would actively recruit, but his presence on the staff and availability to advise backcourt players would be a big positive.