UCLA Howland Tidbits

Here’s some stuff from the UCLA press conference today:

* Junior guard Malcolm Lee had surgery on his left knee on Tuesday – to repair the cartilage tear, remove loose cartilage and also fix a small meniscus cartilage tear – and Howland said he expects Lee to miss 4-to-8 weeks.

* I asked Howland about the log jam at power forward next season, and he said David Wear might play some at the three, and that Travis Wear has experience at multiple positions.

* Asked whether Brendan Lane might redshirt next year, and he said he hasn’t discussed that with Lane.

* Howland said he’ll begin his discussions with Tyler Honeycutt, Malcolm Lee and Reeves Nelson in the next 10 days about their future plans. He would not really speculate on any of the decisions, but he is quite certain there will be an NBA lockout, and that will play a factor in his discussions with the players.
“This is going to be a serious lockout. I have a lot of friends in the NBA, and they’re all preparing for it. They will not be playing in next December or January. Nothing in the summer time; July 1 it starts. There’s a real commitment by owner and ownership to get things right.”

* Howland said he does not have a target weight for Joshua Smith, but he wants his body-fat percentage to be somewhere around 12 percent. He also said Smith will be on a regular regimen with the rest of the players, rather than a conditioning-only plan like last year.

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  • BruinInSeattle

    while the NBA is “getting it right” the NCAA should, too. College ball is THE GAME…it has all the excitement, all the emotion, the game as it should be played…to be second fiddle to the NBA is laughable (NBA = WWE)…NCAA should move to protect its franchise by fixing the one and done rule…allow kids to get paid while in college baseball style, develop college into a quasi farm league for the NBA…christ…something…but keep the kids in school, quit sabotaging the college game for the crooked Stern run NBA.

  • JW

    What are the implications of a lockout for the guys, does that make them more likely or less likely to jump to the draft???

  • Anonymous

    less likely to leave if lockout

  • Chief

    It’s good to know BH is armed with something to get these guys to stay. Granted, TH seems to be the only player as 1st round guy, Howland couldn’t have had much of a pitch to keep Westbrook and K-Love outside of UCLA is awesome and we can win a title.

    While those things seem cool to Joe Blows like us, we do not have the other scale giving us MILLIONS of reasons to go NBA. Seems like the lockout gives us more weight on our end.

  • ucla-of-the rockies

    Jon: Thanks for updates on Malcolm. (Amazing how quick they get these marquee athletes in for surgery when it takes us regular Joes weeks or even months!) Impressed w/how well Malcolm played down the stretch w/such damage to his knee. I had similar surgery twice, and that meniscus stuff is no fun. He displayed a lot of toughness for how slight of build he is. Any more improvement from him (a little more size — the blessing sometimes of having to sit out a few weeks will be increased strength/bulk in other areas) means that many more Bruin wins and a better pro future ($$$) for him, too. What quickness he possesses.

  • Reformed Droog

    I was under the impression that the impending lockout was going to pressure kids to jump to the NBA this year rather than wait because if the owners get what they want, the large guaranteed salaries and signing bonuses are diminished or go away permanently.


    Droog nothing that I have read talks about the owners messing with the rookie salary cap. They like it and it is working.

  • Reformed Droog

    Thanks, UCLAVES. I must have misunderstood something.

  • PUSC 3


    Totally agree

  • Tony

    No doubt that some of the starters will be NBA bound however I do not think there is one player that is ready. Honeycutt at times shows that he a sweet jump shot though not consistent enough. If he were to dial that in between now and next season he could be deadly. He could be Reggie Miller good… T. Murray was good, Kopano was good Honeycutt could be as good if not better. At times he shot looked perfect, fluid, easy but they were times it was broken, lethargic and hard.I also like the fact he plays good defense specially inside give weakside I think if he stays he could move himself into a top 15 pick.

    As far as the others, Smith will be a no brainer but he needs to drop 40lbs he has skill and, he dives after loose balls which is great but not recommended for a guy his size. One thing you cannot teach and that is size and he has it along with game.

    Malcom looked much better but he too needs another year and he will be NBA bound.

    Nelson is a scrappy scrubber right now, a bit of a tweener. He needs to add an outside shot before he goes into the draft as the NBA he will not get those put backs but I think with one more he can become a white mans Barkley, small but plays big. But he needs to develop more offensively.

    Log jam at power forward are you kidding me?? Gheez this can be a huge strength for the Bruins. Can you just imagine the up tempo the Bruin can play at both end of the floor with the luxury of this depth that they will have?

    Get these kids into the weight room to bulk them up and work on speed and agility and play 80’s version of the running rebels offense with the BH style of defense and the full court pressure of a Rick Pitino… man I wish I could talk to BH about the possibilities. There is no reason not to go 9 deep in the rotation. We should never be tired at the end of a game with next years line up. We won’t have to worry about fouls except for our PG’s.

    I think if BH can nail down an offense philosophy for this team before the season starts and tweak the line up for tourney time this will be an easy final 4 team anything less would be a huge disappointment.

  • j_doe

    NBA lockout?? SWEET! Anyway to keep these kids from bolting is good by me. We will be really good if players ever start staying for more than a year or two. Not sure how Williams and Kryszewski get kids their kids to stay.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget that point guard position must improve for UCLA to make a run deep into the tournament next year. Jones needs to get healthy and Anderson needs to improve as much as he did from last year to this.

  • The Blur

    j doe, totally agree. And I think Williams and Coach K get kids to stay by recruiting kids that are likely to stay. And I think that’ what Howland is trying to do now. He still lands some big recruits like Smith, but he also learned a lesson from Love and Holiday. Nelson, Lane, and the Wears are 4-year guys who will improve every year. Nelson’s not NBA caliber but he’s pretty good in college – and he’s only halfway through. He’ll be a beast when he’s a senior hopefully like a Tyler Hansbrough.