Neuheisel Conference Call Pt. 1

Opening Statement:
“It’s an important time for us, given all the changes we’ve made staff-wise. For the coaching staff to get to learn how to play off each other and make it the new schemes that we’d like to incorporate on both sides of the ball involved, are huge deals.”

On Frank Gansz and Kip Smith:
“With Frank moving along as special teams coach it will be important to get some measure of consitency going again with the special teams. Although we wont focus as much on special teams as we will be during the fall. It will be a very important time for Kip Smith, kicker in waiting, to get a measure of consistency. With all the new faces, this is going to be exciting.”

On the defense:
“(We have a) new system on defense that looks similar, based out of a four-man front, one that will take some learning from our players as well as the coaches who have joined on. We’ve been working hard and I think the guys are excited about teaching it, (and will) do a really good job installing it.”

On Richard Brehaut:
“He’s full football. He won’t miss anything. That was our deal when he wanted to pursue baseball. He wont miss anything with regards to spring football. He’ll end up missing some baseball.”