Neuheisel Conference Call Pt. 2

On not switching to a 3-4 defense:
“I had said that we needed some more answers. Chuck obviously built everything out of a four-man front. But when we lost some players, we didn’t have the ability to transition and create some new looks that might have given us a chance against some of our opponent offenses. We’re going to be still based out of four-man, but we will have the ability to go back and forth between odd-even configurations.”

On the Pistol offense:
“The pistol is a formation and it was certainly successful in the run game. What we need now is to develop the throw game that compliments and goes along with that and uses other formations. we can’t just be so one-dimensional that we can be stopped when it comes to throwing the football. We’re working to make sure the run game and the throw game compliment each other.”

On if the offense will become a spread:
“That’s probably an overgeneralization too. We’re going to have multiple personnnel groupings. But we want to be able to throw the ball down the field, throw it with some measure of consistency. I don’t want to be a part of it anymore where we’re not over 60 percent. I want to be able to run the football as effectively as we did a year ago, 4.4 yards a crack, certainly up from recent memory.”

On the quarterback being in shotgun or behind center:
“That will come as we go. I don’t know that we have to be up under center. Certainly there are some thigns that can be done better under center than from the gun. But we’ll watch as that goes. We’ll be in the gun a majority of the snaps right now.”