Neuheisel Conference Call Pt. 3

On the use of the F-back:
“The F-back, like I said, there will be multiple personnel groupings. The F is always part of the offense. Is it Barr? Is it John Young, a new tight end? Damien Thigpen? There’s a number of people. Is it Marvray, Embree? The F position will still be a part of the offense, it’s just who’s playing in it.”

On utilizing two-back sets:
“They’ll be times we’ll be in two-backs. You know, Anthony Barr. We want to find out more about Anthony as a running back. We certainly saw the makings of a very talented guy, and want to give him more chances with the ball in his arm.”

On Brett Hundley:
“I’m excited for Brett. As is always the case, when somebody’s down, it creates opportunities for someone else. With Prince not able to go with spring practice, it creates more reps. Darius Bell not able to go for spring pracitice, it creates more reps. Brett Hundley is going to be the benefactor of that. He’s going to get lots of chances. How fast he grows and matures in the offense and shows he can understand all he needs to handle to be effective, that will just enhance his ability to play and play at an eearly time in his career.”

On Kevin Prince an Nick Crissman:
“Prince is not going to be able to do much. Isolated throwing. I had hoped he could do 7-on-7 but I’ve been told he won’t be able to do much of that either. Nick crissman will be available. We’re going to have to nurse his arm, kind of like a pitch count, if you will. But he will be available.”