Neuheisel Conference Call Pt. 4

On Hundley getting too many reps:
“I dont think so. During course of a season you really get more than two quarterbacks practice anyway. With Brehaut and Hundley guys being full go, both will be excited about having as many reps he can get.:

On Hundley getting a chance to start:
“That’s speculative. We’ll know more after we watch him play. He is going to get his chances, thats for sure.”

On Randall Carroll and the wideouts:
“We are excited about Randall. He certainly showed his big-play capability in the second half of season last year. We feel like with he and Nelson Rosario, Tayler Embree being as experienced as he his, we have some pretty good looking wide receivers. Josh Smith will be a year better with a year of experience, Ricky Marvray showed glimpses of being effective. Won’t have Jerry Johnson, but will have Shaq Evans in red jersey, and I think Shaq will have a good chance of being a good player for us too.”

On Patrick Larimore:
“He won’t have spring. He’s getting healthy, doing great a job of staying in shape. His weight is right at 245, and that’s where we want him to be. I look forward to Patrick to be ready in the fall.”