Neuheisel Conference Call Pt. 6

On Special Teams:
“Jeff is out for the spring, hip surgery 100 percent successful, he’ll be ready to go in the fall. But for the duration of spring the focus will be on Kip Smith and the field goal duties. We’ll work him also as a kickoff guy. Remember also that Kip Smith is a great field goal kicker as well. We’ve got an ace up our sleeve there.”

On the new holder:
“I had asked if Jeff could hold – Jeff is a holder – but they don’t want him to be in way shape or form in harms way, so Alex Masceranas will be the holder for spring football.”

On the cornerback battle:
“As I told the players, all the postiions are open. If everybody competes and works you’d expect the experienced guys will have an edge in that regard. But I want to make sure all the jobs are open. I’m excited about watching that competition. I’m waiting to get Anthony Thompson to join the program coming up shortly and I know he’s looking forward to it, so I’m anxious to watch the competition at corner.”

On Tony Dye and Dietrich Riley
“What we want to do is make sure we create some great depth there. It might be Tony and Dietrich at one time. Might be Alex and Tony at another. We won’t have Dalton Hilliard for spring because of the knee issue. But we’re going to keep creating different combinations back there so that we can create more depth. I’m looking forward to Tevin McDonald and Stan Mckay getting chances back there.”

  • BruinFaithful


    You missed that Brandon Willis to North Carolina is not a DONE deal. According to Neuheisel, he is still enrolled in classes at UCLA and will only leave to NC if the NCAA grants him an eligibility waiver, allowing him to play this year at NC and not have to sit out another year.

    The Bruin in me wants him to get denied and stay at UCLA. The human in me hopes he gets the waiver. I guess I will stay neutral and leave it to the divine forces of the universe.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Ahhh Spring, where hope grows like dandelions in the field. I guess I’m being a pessimist after having all the optimism beaten out of me the last ten years but, doesn’t it sound like CRN is setting low expectations by talking about new schemes and new coordinators on both sides of the ball. And if Hundley starts (which based on last year, he should), I think we’re looking at another sub .500 season and another year of Coach Neu in 2012. I can hear it now “stick with us, we’re gonna get this turned around, we’ve got young guys learning a new system.”

    Not that he’s some sort of guru but, Ted Miller ranked UCLA’s returning QB/RB/WR combo 9th out of 9 in the Pac 12. (3 got incompletes)