Post-Practice Update

* Just a head’s up before we start. You guys are going to have to bear with me on the post-practice reports, as there’s no wireless internet at Spaulding Field anymore, and I’m going to have to improvise. I’ll try to get them as quick as possible, but at this point, I don’t know how fast that is.

* Overall there seemed to be good enthusiasm and energy for much of the day, but it got tailed off at the end, and some coaches started getting a bit chippy.

* New OC Mike Johnson: “On both sides of the ball, we’re trying to execute, trying to push the tempo, trying to get the guys to play with a different mindset. Today was a different first day. I think it was a shock to the system with the tempo. It was OK for first three quarters of practice, but then they got fatigued and they dropped off. But that’s to be expected – until they learn to play this way consistently, that’s what’s going to happen.”

* Richard Brehaut and Brett Hundley both looked decent in UCLA’s first spring practice, but neither wowed. Brehaut overthrew some passes, Hundley underthrew some, and they pretty much performed as you’d expect for their particular situations – Brehaut the maligned junior, Hundley the much-hyped freshman. Both had a number of really nice throws, and I have little doubt that this will be a back-and-forth battle throughout the spring.

* Hundley: “We have a new offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, brought new coaches in, and the whole mentality is to get UCLA to where it needs to be. I mean, 7-6, we’re not looking for that type of season. We’re looking to be the first Pac-12 champions. Today started everything changing. We’re putting UCLA back to where it needs to be.”

* Still too many drops among the wide receivers, but a couple look noticeably different – Morrell Presley is getting bigger and bigger and Josh Smith looked really fast out there, and not at all hampered as he was constantly last season.

* Saw a few really good breaks on the ball by Aaron Hester, and Tony Dye looks like he’s going to be a really good player next year. His body is filling out where it needs to be, and he’s taking more of a vocal role. He’s a big key to the season, as he needs to not only become an all-conference player, but also replace Rahim Moore’s vocal prowess.

* Check throughout tomorrow for videos, including Richard Brehaut, Rick Neuheisel and Tony Dye.

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  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a duplicate of last year—-“7-6, we’re not looking for that type of season. We’re looking to be the first Pac-12 champions.” Dropped passes, low intensity, decent. Here we go again. Welcome back to mediocrity!!!!!!!

  • BruinInSeattle

    Can’t you use your cell phone as a mobile hotspot? Heck, you could charge your peers for access, make a few extra coins for lunch money.

  • Tony

    Get a cell phone that connects to your laptop to act as your own hotspot. We will let it slide in spring but come fall you better be prepared!!! Apple Iphone or some of the Droid phone do this with 3g connectivity.

  • what?


    I have never said a negative comment towards what you do…but did you ask the question about UCLA fans throwing a parade after a 7-6 season?

    I really hope that wasn’t you…because that honestly sounds like someone/hack trying to get a sound bite…because there was NEVER ever anything from anyone that resembled a parade, can you share your thoughts on this?

    As a life long Bruins fan, maybe there was “Hope” but Parade? That was the DUMBEST comment I’ve ever heard, honestly!

    BTW…if that wasn’t you that asked the question,

    Well then, you rock and keep on keepin on.

  • Yup it was me, and it was in direct question to a previous question asked about expectations. I seem to remember people very, very excited when UCLA went 7-6 in 2009. Comments were about an EIGHT-to-TEN win season in 2010. Now, obviously, I think we can all agree that 4-8 was worse than anticipated. But the excitement after the bowl win and the recruiting class was certainly obvious to me. Perhaps I worded the question poorly, but I do believe that there was plenty of excitement.

  • what?

    I always appreciate your honesty, thanks!

    Plenty of excitement for the future and throwing a parade because we went 7-6 is just not accurate, and it paints a HORRIBLE picture (not that WE need it as die hard Bruins fans) of us.

    I was really disappointed in that question, because I felt like you were projecting an opinion in a question that really was way off. Your track record has been much better than that, I’ll be back, but I’m really bummed to find out that was you.

    Appreciate your feedback though.