Absolutely ON-POINT observation of UCLA by ESPN’s Ted Miller

Ted Miller of ESPN’s Pac-10 Blog just completely nails it on the head with his take of UCLA this spring: Check it out

Miller talks about UCLA’s biggest need as changing the culture and confidence of the program from within, particularly off a rough year and rougher off-season. The feelings early on both Joe Tresey and Mike Johnson, from both players and fans, are that both have ramped up the expectations in terms of both performance and attitude. Whether the players buy into that remains to be seen. But Miller is absolutely correct in that being the biggest challenge for UCLA, which returns 18 starters from a 4-8 team.

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  • Anonymous

    did you steal this?

  • Anonymous

    I’m no expert on speaking in front of a camera, but couldn’t the teleprompter scroll a little faster for the guy? And maybe read through the copy a few times before recording?

    “UCLA…needs a…cultural shift…within the program…or else Coach…Rick Neuheisel may…not be around…next…year.”

    Otherwise I agree with what he said.

  • Rico Bruin

    I agree Jon and so far I really, really, like the “In Your Face” attitude of the new coordinators.

    This team has enough talent to win 7 or 8 games, the difference will be attitude and of course staying injury free.

    Gold > foster…LOL

  • Todd

    Presentation matters. Listening to a guy read off a cue card is really distracting to the points he’s trying to make.

  • Ted Miller

    Give me a break! Jon’s half the man that I am.