Short Weekly Q&A

Fire away with questions for this week’s Q&A. Please don’t post new questions on the answers section, because I don’t always check the comments. Save them for next week.

Haven’t had a Q&A in a couple of weeks, so if you asked questions then that are still relevant, post them here and I’ll try to get to them

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  • bruinstc

    Does the departure of Nikki Caldwell say something about UCLA’s changing profile as an attractive place to coach or is it more about LSU’s crazy money or is it about NC’s personal situation?


    is there any chance Moore or Ayers come back after there somewhat disappointing showings at the combine… or are they unable to because they signed with an agent?

  • Anonymous

    I heard you were a joke stealer. What is the best joke you have stolen?

  • Anonymous

    Is there any way you can address the Chris Foster tweet? On another UCLA board it says you talked to a fan and the fan said it was much ado about nothing. If it is much ado about nothing, hopefully you won’t mind sharing what happened.

  • Raymond


    I read your articles off an RSS reader and lately, it has been truncating your articles so that I have to read it on the insidesocal website itself. Would it be possible to return it to the untruncated form that we have had in the previous months?

    Thanks Jon, you’re the best.


  • Anonymous

    Can you break down Datone Jones strengths and weaknesses please?

  • gold n jed

    Jon, if you had to pick one O-lineman who will shock everyone this year who would it be? Also can you give some details on the O-line and what you are watching out there from them? thanks…

  • gold n jed

    Jon, it seems to me that with Honey going pro we will be a bit short of outside shooters next year. With a plethora of bigs and little outside shooting to keep defenses honest. Do you envision CBH going after a pure shooter(role Player) or will he just count on Lee, JA, Laz, Lamb and praying to improve their outside games. Also can you find Parkers stats from H.S. to J.C. ppg/apg/spg/fg-ft-3pt %….thanks

  • rejn

    Jon – are you going to answer the questions we asked from the last time (or two?) that you posted a Weekly Q&A?

  • Anonymous

    @ UCLABZ– DONE!!!!!! Once a player signs with an agent they are FINISHED!!!!

  • mike04

    After observing practices, what do Coach Johnson and Coach Tresey bring to the offense/defense that would put the players in a position to succeed that was missing from the previous coaches? What changes should we expect?

  • rejn

    Butler is what it is – a good school that was able to maximize its ability into two final four/championship game appearances. If Ben Howland had those same players at UCLA, what are the chances that he/UCLA would have been able to achieve similar or the same success?

  • Anonymous

    When the Pac-12 signs the new TV deal, what kind of changes could we expect to see with the sudden influx of money?

  • Spencer

    What are your first impressions of the new football coaches?

  • gobruins

    What’s your take on the new student seating arrangement at Pauley and the backlash from alumni/students?

  • San Diego Therapist

    Did Caldwell really go from $350k to $900 at LSU? How can LSU pay that much for a coach of a non-revenue sport? Sorry to see her go…

  • matt

    why can’t Dan Guerrero be put on the hot seat? Jon- as a member of the UCLA beat, are you or your editors hesitant to be critical of this administration, specifically AD Guerrero? Is there any pressure on him at the moment?

  • bibs

    Any idea who might be selected to coach the women’s basketball team? Any idea who might replace the men’s
    assistant coach who left? Would Ty Edney become an assistant coach?

  • spedjones

    your practice updates usually lag those on other sites by several hours. Why?

  • localbruin

    When do we have to start calling it the Pac 12?

  • rejn


    Do you think Howland is too disappointed that Duncan is leaving? Why is Duncan leaving? Seriously, you don’t go from being number one assistant at UCLA to number one assistant at Wyoming. Who’s rumored as possible candidates/replacements? Edney? I hope not. Just not experienced to be a top assistant at UCLA.

  • Bruintx

    How is Stan Hasiak doing? Did the light go on yet and is he fitting in now?

  • Concerned Bruin

    Will you be covering the rising amount of anger by both Bruin students and alumni in the lack of support by Dan Guerrero, the Morgan Center, the Athletic Department, and the general administration in regards to UCLA Athletics?

    Specifically, regarding the lack of transparency in how the student section may be moved from the sidelines to behind the basket, the inability to figure out where we will be playing next year when Pauley is being renovated, the lack of support for our Women’s basketball team when they were not only surprisingly picked as as a #3 seed rather than the #2 seed that many expected, but then the fact that we had to play the #11 seed Gonzaga at home (besides the fact that the Zags were allowed to basically play at home until they reached the Final Four and then lost), etc etc.

  • Blah Bruin

    Any chance you could give us 40 times and bench results of all of those that took part in Pro Day?

  • Anonymous


    Thanks for all the hard work!

    What is your opinion on the Pauley student section change? Do you agree that moving the students behind the basket will improve our home court advantage? Would you expect more students to come to games because of the seat change? Do you know what Coach Howland and the players think of this change?

  • captainqtp

    Given the severe case of the dropsies that our receivers seem to have, if you were coach Jon Gold, who would you start in a theoretical game against USC next week?

  • rejn

    Any thoughts on BB Recruit Kevin Ware possibily coming to UCLA? What are you hearing? Is this just an unfounded rumor, or is he seriously considering UCLA and if so, who’s the competition/schools to beat?

  • Jon what is your initial impressions with the new coordinators so far? Also what do you think of our new d-line coach so far? I have a feeling he will do great things with are defensive line this year. Thanks for the hard work Jon.

  • BruinBall

    What exactly is the role of the F-back? I’m a little confused because Barr is like 6’ 4” athletic fullback sized player and Thigpen is a 5’ 8” speed guy. Seems like they are fundamentally different types of players playing the same position.

  • Legalsean

    What do you think of Lee’s decision to go pro? Do you see him coming back for his senior year? Was Honeycutt’s leaving because of a dislike for Howland?

  • Legalsean

    Why do you think Honeycutt and Nelson were the leaders of last year’s team? It seemed that the team’s fortunes went as far as those two players would carry them in games. Was Lee not looked at as a leader for this team?

  • Anonymous

    Could a donor specify that his/her donation goes directly toward paying for the coaches salaries? I’m talking about UCLA specifically.

  • ucla-of-the rockies

    Hope you had a nice break, and sure you are buried w/Spring ball … but have you heard anything new on A). T-Honey? B). Minus 30 lbs., do you see J-Smith a lotto pick in 2012?