Dual Q&A with Mike Johnson & Joe Tresey, ctd.

Assess the talent on your side of the ball, despite your brief time with the team:

Mike Johnson: I think I have skill talent. I think the skill talent is there. I believe the skill talent is a group that is trying to find its way, trying to figure out how to play up to its potential. To play hard consistently. I don’t think that’s there yet. I don’t think the work ethic, the depth in which we play, how hard we play, is there yet. I believe the offensive line is a group that’s trying to play together as a collective group, and there’s been constant injury there that has prevented that from happening at times.

The talent now, I have no idea what the talent is on other teams. I don’t know the talent level at the Pac-12 level because I’ve been away from it for so long. All I know is, I’ve been in the NFL and if we can get our skill talent to play up to its potential, we’ll have a chance. Then if we can get the quarterbacks to make decent decisions and as an offensive group understand ball security and field position and become more aware in situational football, we give ourselves a chance to win every game.”

Joe Tresey: I think we have the ability to be a very good football team. Just talking from the defensive end of it, I think we have some players that have very good ability, they’re athletic, and we need to get better at what we’re preaching. It’s all about buying in, at the end of the day. If you want to be 3-4, 4-3, run-and-shoot, pistol – I really don’t care. Whatever you’re teaching, are they going to buy into it? Once you get them to buy in, now you have them to the point where I understand their strengths and weaknesses and evaluate that on a consistent basis. Fit that within the package and go from there.

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