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On returning to California:
“What a privelege, here with my mom and dad, and they’re two hours away. I have had incredible experiences Tallahassee. But the joy to be able to come home and share with friends and family, I just have unnumberable memories of being a part of UCLA. But also, I’m a California kid, the only place I lived until that brief stint in Tallahassee.”

On Caldwell:
“I have a lot of respect for what Nikki and her staff did here the last several years. I’m a UCLA fan, as well. I have admired, celebrated the steps taken over recent years. I’m also really grateful for what Kathy Olivier taught me. I would be foolish to really not admire and analyze what they’ve built and to build on those. I really see the momentum. I’ve seen the shift, not only in the way the program is percieved, but also in attitude of players and what they want to achieve. I really want to take the baton.”

On taking the job:
“I’ve had some opportunities to be head coach in past, and it’s really about finding the right match. From the very beginning, it was not them convicing me and it was not me selling myself. It was exploring if this could be a really good match. I was contacted by senior staff, had the opportunity to talk with me and several others. Got to meet so many amazing people that were giving enough to sit down with me and talk with me and give me a great sense of what this is about. They deserve a medal of honor for putting up with all my questions.

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    how can we have smore if we havent had any?