UCLA Spring Chart

WHAT WE LEARNED: UCLA’s margin-for-error is slim, but the payoff could be big. Injuries on the offensive line caused a disjointed effort in the spring game, but the running game looks electric and the defensive is inspired. If the Bruins can stay relatively healthy in the fall – and get improved quarterback play – this is a bowl team.

BIGGEST SURPRISE: After the departure of Brian Price left a gaping hole in the UCLA defensive line last season, things are looking up once more in the front four. The return of defensive end Datone Jones cannot be understated, and junior Damien Holmes had a fantastic spring. In the middle, Cassius Marsh is blossoming into a potential star, and the Bruins are counting on improved play from the veteran trio of Nate Chandler, Justin Edison and Donovan Carter.

CAUSE FOR CONCERN: The Spring Game showed just how precarious the UCLA offensive line situation is, as the absence of seniors Sean Sheller and Kai Maiava and junior Jeff Baca was striking. With those three in the lineup – and joined by sophomore guard Chris Ward and senior tackle Mike Harris – the line is among the best in the conference. But precious little depth exists, and the Bruins need all hands on deck.

COMING THIS FALL: The UCLA coaches made it loud and clear following the spring game – the quarterback position is up for grabs. Junior Richard Brehaut has a leg up on junior Kevin Prince, if only because Brehaut’s right knee is healthy, unlike Prince, who missed all of spring ball after major knee surgery. Freshman sensation Brett Hundley is nipping at both of their heels, though, and he’s coming fast.

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  • Anonymous

    After 3-4 yrs at the program coach neu either has the most worst luck with O-LINEMAN “injuries” OR just can’t recruit quality O-LINEMAN!!!..A little of both or what?..thx jon…

  • Anonymous

    On sites like BRO, and other they all had Walk-on Brett Downey ahead of Mike Harris, and at the spring game, when the first offense went out, I saw Harris on the sideline. So, is Downey ahead of him or was that some kind of stunt?

  • Bruintx

    Unless Hundley is the clear winner of the 2011 quarterback derby, I am hoping they redshirt him (and that he wouldn’t be too disappointed sitting out a year). He could learn SO MUCH during a redshirt year.

  • James Cee

    “This is a bowl team?” I sure as hell hope so. Correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t the first six finishers in the Pac-10 eligible for bowl games (provided they are at least 6-6)?

    I am not sure what you are saying. Do you believe they Bruins will finish 6th?
    5th? 4th? Will they be in the Las Vegas Bowl? Emerald Bowl?

  • Anonymous

    How did ıf UCLA gets norn chow work out?

  • Anonymous

    Oh, so if they are the last team to make a bowl we should consider it a success

  • Anonymous

    How come we starting jobs are not wide open? We have seen what Rosario and embree, good only a few games here and there? They got the goods on crn?

  • MichaelRyerson

    jesus, they should require a literacy test for some of you guys.

  • Reformed Droog

    LOL @ MichaelRyerson

    *Acknowledging head nod*

  • DC in LA


    Can you confirm your statement? That you believe our (healthy) O-line is one of the best in the conference?

    BTW Great site!

  • BruinPain

    Unless CRN converts to the LDS church and becomes an elder and Brehaut breaks his leg, Crissman’s arm falls off, and Hundley decides the risk of getting a concussion would jeopardize his medical career…Prince ain’t going to be the starting QB!

  • Reformed Droog
  • Anonymous

    “jesus, they should require a literacy test for some of you guys.”

    Thanks for proving it.