Moore selected by Denver Broncos with 45th pick

UCLA junior safety Rahim Moore was selected by the Denver Broncos with the 13th pick in the NFL Draft, 45th overall.

I’ll have more on Moore’s selection later, but we have a conference call with Akeem Ayers coming up.

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  • VAbruin

    Jon, should be a lot easier for you to cheer for Moore now than if he had been drafted by Al Davis. Congrats!

  • Bob


    Welcome to the Mile High city. With Von Miller and now you, our defense has to improve. I’m sure we’ll hear a lot more incompleeeeeete than we did last season. Go Broncos

  • Coach Thom

    Yes! A tandem of Ayers and Moore would’ve been great, but I’m happy the Broncs at least chose Rahim. Great draft pick who will contribute very early in his NFL career.

  • Broncos fan

    Awesome! I was hoping my Broncos would pick him up to shore up the aging secondary. Moore really has some of the best veterans to learn from. Looking forward to see Moore play for the Broncos.