Partial Ayers conference call

On draft day and not being picked in the first round:
“I knew there was really nothing else I could do much more. All the work put in, all the meetings done, at that moment, it was on teams. I’d put the work in, done everything I could do up to that point.”

On deciding to return from New York this morning and not stay at the Draft:
“I just felt like it was the best at the time. I didn’t really honestly plan on being there an extra day. As far as my family – my flight was already booked. Everything was already set up for the plane to leave. I thought it was best for me to come home and spend the time with my family.”

On being drafted by Tennessee:
“I’m real excited to have the opportunity to play there. I think I fit into the scheme well. I’m happy they took me and excited, ready to get to work.”

On talking to Alterraun Verner, former UCLA DB and current Titan:
“I texted Alterraun, but I haven’t had time to call him. I’ll probably call him after this.”

On having Verner in the pros:
“It helps out a lot. Someone from my same background, grew up in L.A., experienced same things, same college. Adjusting to Tennessee and the coaches, it’ll be great to have someone out there.”

On Jevon Kearse announcing his pick:
“I’ve seen him a lot, just being a monster off the edge. Just making plays and as a pass rusher. I’ve seen him a lot growing up. It was pretty cool. I didn’t get to see it because I was on the car on my way home. Just missed it by about 10 minutes.

On the excitement being dampened by the fact he didn’t go in round 1:
“I was still excited, probably even better because it was a surprise. I didn’t know who was picking. Driving home, random call, didn’t know who it was. It was equal, maybe a greater feeling answering the phone and not knowing who it is.”

On the next few months:
“It’s going to be a lot where I have to really be focused and dedicated to do a lot on my own. I’m not sure how it’s going to work out. Knowing for sure I can control what I can control, which is my effort, i’ll be able to really participate.”

On Rahim Moore:
“We didn’t really get a chance to talk. It was late last night, people had a lot going through their minds. Didn’t get a chance to talk to him.”