Partial Moore conference call

Opening statement: “I’m excited to be in Denver, I’m excited to be playing with Brian Dawkins and Champ Bailey, DJ Williams, man I can’t wait.

On being a Bronco:
“This is perfect for me, learning from guys like Brian Dawkins, Champ Bailey, a place I can go easily in and learn and be one of the next Hall of Famers.”

On where he was drafted, and why he went to the draft:
“I knew I was pretty much what range I was going to, I knew it was a possibility yesterday. I never trained to be a 1st rounder, I trained to be in NFL. I’m proud to contribute and be a part of the legacy of the Broncos.”

On his emotions:
“I was emotional because this is going to change my whole life. This is my dream. I’m excited. It’s the favorite part of my life so far. It’s funny how you go from nothing to something.”

On the Broncos:
“They have a legacy with John Elway, Rod Smith, Atwater. I know a lot about Denver. I’m a big fan, I can’t wait to contribute. The first thing John Fox said was, ‘Are you ready to win a Super Bowl? I said yes sir.”

On being at the draft with his mom:
“My mom she’s excited. This is one of the better days of her life. I’m glad she’s hear to experience with me. She’s my no. 1. she’s my pride. She’s happy, I’m happy. I’m going to move her out there. I want her there every step of the way.”

On being drafted in the second round:
“The thing about the rounds, if there was no one interested or money wasn’t an issue, the rounds wouldn’t matter. It’s not about when you get drafted or where, its whats you do when you get there. The main objective is you’re in the NFL. Look how many guys don’t get to come to New York?”