Carter picked by Cardinals in 6th round

The Shriners are known for their charitable acts across the world, their donation of time and money.

In David Carter’s case, they just gave him a chance. And that chance paid off.

Following a monster performance in the East-West Shrine Game following the season, the UCLA senior defensive tackle was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals with the 19th pick of the 6th round of the NFL Draft on Saturday, 184th overall. UCLA senior kicker Kai Forbath, the 2009 Lou Groza Award winner, was not drafted.

After consulting with a new personal coach who helped refine his hand placement, leverage and point of attack in December, Carter drew raves during Shrine Game practices and got on the draft radar.

“I showed my newfound tools,” Carter said. “That’s where everybody saw how I could do it. I was taught how to play the position, I had a good time, and made me some money, as my coach said.”

Carter, who had 41 tackles and 3.5 sacks during his senior year, his lone season as a starter, said the Carter household was lively on Saturday as first his brother, Chris, was selected with the 31st pick of the fifth round, 22 picks ahead of David.

“It was overwhelming to see him go, to see his emotions, and sure enough I went right after,” Carter said. “It was great. Everyone in the house was passing out. My girlfriend passed out, my mom fainted.

“Both her baby boys were drafted today.”

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  • Anonymous

    Question Jon: so if a personal coach helped him improve so much, what does that say about the d-line coaching in Westwood. Shouldn’t someone have taught him this earlier?

  • Anonymous

    Well, if my registration would have been approved sooner (still waiting) I would have been the first one writing what Anonymous 8:23 just wrote! What does this say about our coaching staff that David Carter had to hire a personal coach to improve his draft status? And if he were at suc???? The coaching staff should be professionally embarrassed! And who is going to call them out on this? Jon Gold???? A,D, Guerrero???? The Chancellor??? Only us guys & gals, SADLY only us…

  • BruinFaithful

    VERY NIIIIICE!!!! I agree with the sentiments above. Imagine what he could have done with the proper coaching?

    I guess this is why CRN replaced the DL coach.

  • Maze

    Hmm, I see that Anonymous 1 and 2 are ridiculous trolls, and Bruin”Faithful” is not far behind.

    This may constitute some wild a’postulatin’, but here goes: when an already gifted athlete is given MONTHS of unfettered position-specific, ONE-ON-ONE coaching toward his life’s goal (without those little distractions like “school”), there just might be some measurable improvement.

    Call me crazy…and just go back to BN.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, as the first anonymous, I’m pretty sure I’m not a troll maze. And yes, personal coaching should bring an improvement. But these were basics; hand position and leverage. This is something he should have been taught at UCLA. No excuses. Hopefully, the change of coordinator and position coach will remedy this. I’m not sure why pointing this out makes one a troll either. Coaching fundamentals has been a problem for the last few years on defense. Wanting this to change doesn’t make one a troll or less of a Bruin. It makes one want an improved program.

  • Anonymous

    I cannot believe Kai Forbath did not get drafted. How good does a guy have to be?