More with David Carter

Do you kind of feel like your ability was just ready to come out?
“I had the game to do it, but I learned how to use my body, use my hands. Run like I’m supposed to, rush at a certain angle. I already had the tools, the power, the speed, but I learned certain moves, new moves. I learned from a real defensive tackle how to play defensive tackle. That worked really well for me. Coach Howard was a great defensive end coach, but he never played defensive tackle. He knew how to play, but he didn’t know the tricks. I needed to learn from a defensive tackle.”

Is there any regret, like, if I’d only been taught this sooner?
“Yeah. I told somebody, if I had learned how to play for the East-West game before my senior year, I would’ve been the No. 1 pick. I would’ve had so many sacks. I already had the ability. I would’ve thrown myself on the scene. I didn’t mess up, but I feel like, man…I wish I would’ve known. I would’ve been able to make so much more money, instead of hoping and waiting. But I’m glad I got drafted in sixth, I got my foot in the door. Now it’s my chance. It’s up to me to take it and run with it.”

I’m a former bad defensive lineman, so I get the wording, be as specific as possible: What’d you learn?
“I learned how to use my hands, really. I was really just going out and trying too bullrush people. I learned how to run at certain angle, how to clear my chest. Jon, they couldn’t touch me. If an offensive lineman can’t touch you, they can’t block you. I was unstoppable at the East-West game. I’m going to surprise a lot of people. I feel that haterism, and that’s going to be the fuel at the next level.”

There are some guys who go early but might not have the work ethic or motor to succeed at the next level, and they might feel like the work is done. Clearly you don’t feel that…
“Oh man, I can’t wait to get out there. OTAs, play ball. I have to shut a lot of people up, my brother and me. This whole time, that’s been our motivation. We’ve been having to prove a lot of people wrong. I’m ready to go out there.”

Last question: You sound like a different person from when we last talked in depth last fall; do you feel different?
“You know what, I feel confidence. I feel like I’m in a good position. I’m a Cardinal. I have a lot on my shoulders, I have a lot of work to do, I know. I’m having a good time today, but tomorrow I’m in the gym. It’s nowhere near over yet. I’m making more money in a year than most people make in three. But I have a lot of work to do. It’s not over yet. That’s how people get kicked off or traded after a year, because they feel that they’re in the league, and it’s all gravy. That’s what got me in the draft. I work hard. I know what I have to do, and I know that I just got drafted, but it’s my turn to go out and show what I can do.”

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  • Hollywood Bruin

    Howard is gone now.. Rick’s making moves.

  • Hollywood Bruin
  • Dean

    “Jon, they couldn’t touch me”

    Great interview. You can hear it in his words. He is so excited to have this opportunity and he’s filled with so much enthusiasm and confidence. It’s inspiring.

    It’s just very refreshing to hear someone be so positive and talk about what he’s going to do with his foot in the door rather than talk about the missed opportunity in college.

    I’m really happy for the kid and wish that he makes all of his dreams come true.

  • spedjones

    Not a huge fan of the “UCLA didn’t teach me anything” comments. Will be interesting to see if it was true.

  • bruin4eva

    David Carter should come back and teach those moves to the underclassmen.

  • Dean

    Great comment, bruin4eva.

    I wonder if Brian Price was just too good for technique?

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t anyone else hear this as “man if only I went to college somewhere else”? I mean, I’m stoked the kid is getting his shot but he’s sure throwing his school under the bus while he’s gettin it

  • Anonymous

    I think Carter was just caught up in the moment. He just got drafted when few gave him a chance.

  • timmah

    It sounds like what I’ve heard a lot over the years, guys aren’t getting coached up at UCLA.

  • Anonymous

    Hey John, I don’t know you or your deal with the DN, but your lack of coverage on the biggest thing to happen to the conference since the addition of the AZ schools is just terrible. Again, maybe you got other things going on or maybe they just want Wolfie to cover it (can’t imagine) but this is huge stuff and at the very least, you should throw in a couple of links for your loyal readers.

    Step up dude.

  • Anonymous

    Jon seems to have AWOL. Is he sick or did he quit for a better job? Does not look like DN misses him as know one has posted anything or made an announcement.

  • bruincheerleader

    good question bunghole…(greatname)…and are we really interested in post-UCLA defensive players who either graduated or leave early?…I am not…they are now rich beyond most of us, so i loose interested when they leave UCLA…plus Jon we have so many young talented BRUINS still on the team to get to know and i know you will take as much time as u have for the departed to introduce us to these new young BRUINS…right?

  • Anonymous

    Jon’s boss told him a few days ago to take some time off, so he is doing that.

  • bigbruin

    What is going on with UCLA news. There has to be some kind of sport related news on the UCLA campus. Thanks Daily News for your fantastic lack of UCLA news, on the UCLA blog. If Jon is to busy with other journalistic assaigments, please do try to find some else to do his job, or if is not too much to ask, let the readers of the UCLA blog know that there is nothing to report, and check back in a week, or two. Thank you.

  • Gibson Dunn Legal Eagle

    Since the Good Chap Jon appears to be out at the Day Spa, I will humbly substitute report that Sir Maurice Presley and Sir Courtney Cox Viney may be transferring out of Westwood Junior College and its associated Pee Wee Football Program. This news per BRO.

    I think they made up their minds to transfer and get some real coaching after reading Jon’s great interview with Sir Donald Carter.

    Gibson Dunn

  • joojon

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    that been uncovered and you did it so well, with so much class.
    Good one you, man! Really great stuff here.