Presley, Viney to transfer

From UCLA:

UCLA head football coach Rick Neuheisel announced today that senior cornerback Courtney Viney and junior tight end Morrell Presley have been granted their release from the program and will transfer.

Viney will graduate in June and be eligible to compete at another FBS school without having to sit out a season.

“I know that both Courtney and Morrell want to go where they can be starters and I certainly wish them both well,” said Neuheisel. “I am happy that Courtney will earn his UCLA degree prior to his departure.”

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  • Bruin07

    Is it an unrestricted transfer or are they being restricted to transferring to non-Pac-12 teams?
    I’d hate to see either of them used against us in league, especially Presley, considering he can be huge in a year or two at his position. UCLA really misused him and wasted his talents.

  • BEATsc

    Although Anthony Barr is seeing more time at running back, he can replace Morrell Presley at F-Back when we run the Pistol. Despite injuries, we have lots of TE depth as well.

  • Get Over It

    Its not that UCLA misused him, it’s just the opposite. He didn’t work hard and couldn’t even catch the ball when he was wide open (ala Kansas St?). Sure he’s upset that Barr came in took playing time from him, but hey thats why you need to do compete and work hard, things he did not do. Sorry to see him go but this had nothing to do with RN not using him but more to do with MP not living up to his 5* ranking… Good Luck Kid!

  • Anonymous

    I’m sad to see Presley go but it’s better for both sides. Despite being a top recruit he never seemed to fit in. He was kind of a tweener and in the game of big time sports big time players need to shine when given an opportunity. I’ll give Presley the benefit of the doubt that he had limited opps but when given them he didn’t perform. That said, with the proper coaching and more looks he could grow to be a force, UCLA just didn’t have the time or luxury of waiting for that and dont fault him for wanting a better a shot. I hope he does well.

    As for Viney, he was always solid but undersized and my conclusion is that he saw some younger players gain on him that were going to probably overtake him so he made the best decision for his football career.

    At the end of the day I wish a UCLA degree was as valuable as it was to me but I dont fault either of these players for wanting to leave. It may be passion for the game and the desire for time. Both kids probably have NFL dreams as well and weren’t gonna get it at UCLA. I think we should wish them both good luck and send them off with respect. Good luck guys! Go Bruins!