Chat with new UCLA JC O-Line commit Albert Cid

Earlier this morning,’s Brandon Huffman reported that Citrus College offensive guard Albert Cid committed to UCLA recently, spurning offers from Arizona and Utah.

I just spoke with the ready-to-contribute guard, and he had some interesting things to say about his college decision, and what he hopes to bring to the UCLA offensive line.

JG: Albert, talk about your decision to pick UCLA and how it feels to be done with the recruiting process…
Albert Cid: “It was a really relieving decision I made. It was a dream school. It’s a dream school of mine. It felt good making that decision.”

JG: What finally made you pick UCLA?
AC: “I felt that the education, getting a UCLA degree, would be really good for me. Growing up I didn’t care about education, but now I see how important it is. A degree from UCLA means a lot in life.”

JG: I talk to kids all the time who’ve had that kind of epiphany; when did it happen for you?
AC: “It was in high school; my high school coach told me daily to do well in school. Entering my junior year, I said, ‘I’m going to change my life.’ I knew I wasn’t going to get an academic scholarship, but if I got good grades, and did well with football, I thought I could get into a university.”

JG: What made you look past the team’s record last season?
AC: “I feel like I can impact the team right away. I can upgrade the offensive line. I carry myself with a lot of confidence on the football field. No matter where I would go, I feel O could play. I’m physical. I like to play nasty. And I think that’s what the line needs at UCLA. A little nasty.”

JG: Describe nasty…
AC: “I’ve always been a very physical person. When I used to play basketball, I used to foul out a lot. I would be in for two, three minutes, and I would already have three fouls. I’ve always been a physical person and I’ve always played that way.”

JG: What about the football program made you pick UCLA?
AC: “I want UCLA to be a winning program again. I want to be a part of that. I really like head coach Rick Neuheisel. I trust him.”

JG: So tell me about yourself as a football player?
“I’m 6-3, 325 pounds. I’ll pull, pass block, block a defensive tackle, a defensive player, in any way, any way I have to. One thing I like doing is blocking to the whistle. A lot of people make the block and watch the game. No, you block until the whistle. I just like to dominate people. I like the feeling when you dominate somebody and they know you’re going to keep coming for four quarters and not one play.”

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  • Anonymous

    Im sold. UCLA needs more blue collar type players who live to play football and like contact. Im tired of getting tall agile guys who have potential, but are just not football players who like to dominate people.

  • MichaelRyerson

    Why do I get the feeling we’re about to find out just how much Stan has matured?

  • BruinFaithful

    I LOVE this kid’s attitude. I hope he plays because he’s good enough and earns playing time and not because we lose bodies.


    What do we know about him? Any JC football honors? Why did he go the JC route? And the BIGGEE has he been admitted?

  • Gibson Duntz Legal Eagle

    Welcome to Westwood Sir Cid Albert! Your measurables are superior to those that have been measured in the past. Best of luck to you and hope that you do complete your degree at UCLA.

    You are a stellar addition to the recruiting class anchored by Jerry Neuheisal. Cheers.

    Yours faithfully,

    Gibson Duntz


    Wow that’s awesome I’m an Azusian and I attended Citrus so inspiring! Way to go kid!

  • Dan

    Big jump from the JC level, but I’ve watched Albert since he was in highschool, he started football late, either freshman or sophomore year in highschool, vast improvement from highschool to JC, he played one year at JC and was very dominant in the three games that I saw him in, consistently openning holes in the defensive line. He is big,strong and moves well, I think he will do well at the D1 level.

  • I love his attitude!! we need another nasty on the OLine besides Stan Hasiack…c’mon nasties keep coming to Weswood!

  • Bruintx

    Let’s hope this guys attitude is more contagious than the Black Plague was in its day….


    Was very impressed with his full-force attitude, even more impressed with his BRO video! This guy loves to demolish defensive linemen and looks determined to get his pancakes!!! Just loved the highlight of him driving an opponent non-stop for about 40 yards off the line of scrimmage (Check out the video guys!). Can’t wait to watch him compete in the fall camp…Go Albert, you’ve just made a new fan!

  • Charlton Heston

    So when will his nickname become “El Cid”

    Just askin’