Guerrero statement on student seating

From UCLA:


Members of the Bruin Family:

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that we will continue to have sideline floor seating for students when Pauley Pavilion reopens for the 2012-13 season. Students will occupy the floor level seats along the south sideline and floor level seats behind the west basket, which was originally announced in the summer of 2009, in addition to upper level seats behind the west basket. This configuration can be viewed at The Pauley Pavilion Virtual Venue site will be updated by June 1.

Over the past few months, Athletic Department staff had worked with student leadership groups regarding the design of a cohesive student section behind the basket adjacent to the visiting team bench. After receiving the support of various student leadership and student focus groups, we announced the shift in the student section on March 30.

Two weeks ago, the Undergraduate Student Association Council (USAC), one of the leadership groups with which we consulted, decided to solicit additional student feedback by adding an advisory question regarding student seating to the Undergraduate Student Elections ballot. We respected and supported that decision. The results of the election showed that a majority of the students would rather retain the sideline floor level seats than have the unified section behind the visiting team basket.

On April 29, I stated that we would discuss the election results with numerous leaders on USAC, along with leaders of the other groups that are involved with student spirit and we did so before announcing this decision. This is a great group of young people who are completely committed to creating the most energetic and exciting atmosphere for our teams. We are committed to working with these student leaders to do everything we can to increase student attendance and make the experience of “being there” a memorable one. That includes the creation of the Student Enhancement Committee, consisting of student leaders, including newly elected undergraduate President Emily Resnick, who is very enthusiastic about working with the spirit group leaders.

This process reconfirms the tremendous passion that exists on campus surrounding our intercollegiate athletic events. As I have said before, the importance of creating a home-court advantage cannot be understated. An energetic and supportive student section is essential to the success of any team and it is my hope that all of the students who have been involved in this process will support our student-athletes and continue the great tradition of Pauley Pavilion.

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  • BruinFaithful

    Are you all happy now? And as it is Jon’s job, he reported this.

    I’m glad this was resolved to the benefit of the Students. Now this shows what can be accomplished when a diplomatic collective effort is put forth. However, it is now time for all those Alums and 9k students who voted for this to “PUT UP”. As it doesn’t really matter where the students are seated, if there are no students present to fill them. So come on all you 9k students that voted, all you die hard Alums, and all those members of Bruins Nation that pushed for this, let’s get you down to every ball game in 2012 and beyond. That should be some home court advantage and I would expect sell outs every game. Dan Guerrero was obviously moved by your team spirit. Let’s make sure you don’t let him down or our Bruins down. See you all at Pauley.


    Well said BruinFaithful! I can’t wait for my BRUINS to come out to Ontario! UCLA needs to market this upcoming season well.

  • MoeBruins

    Maybe the problem the Bruins have with feeling Pauley is overpricing their product with no customer service.

    I am a long time season ticket holder who just this year bought Clipper tickets for the first time. The Clippers for 44 games will cost me $1450. The Bruins when they move back into Pauley will cost me $1400 for 20 games. The seats are both about the same mid-level at a slight angle behind the basket. Are Bruin games worth double the price of Clipper games? I don’t think too many people will think so.

    What about customer service? The Bruins I never hear from except to see if I want to donate more money or pay to go to a banquet or a fundraising event.

    The Clippers have already called me to make sure I got my Select-a-Seat e-mail and to see if I have any questions. They are draft parties, a private screening of Captain America when it comes out, a dodger game, the chance of my kids to rebound for the players before a game, etc. All of no additional charge.

    And this is also without mentioning resale potential for tickets versus the Lakers, Bulls, Heat etc versus resale for Bruin games I can’t attend.

    And Bruin tickets triple or quadruple if you want to be between the baskets.

    So maybe the Bruins problem at Pauley is that they totally overprice their product. I am sure there aren’t many enthusiastic recent grads who can afford anything outside of the rafters.


  • MoeBruins

    At least for this year I am not giving up my seats but don’t they already have two floor sections empty most games and record LOW attendance figures the last few years.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    I’m glad the students kept the sideline seats out of TRADITION — not that they deserve it. The student section at Pauley has not given any appreciable home court advantage in YEARS. Those of you that were students in the 70’s and early 80’s know exactly what I am talking about! Now, the students stroll in and out of Pauley like it is a Bio lecture hall. 300 tops are rabid fans. The rest are useless. If the students were as rabid as former students used to be (akin to what the Cameron Crazies now are), I would say give them sideline floor to rafters, like in the good ol’ days, and let the din of the den INTIMIDATE opposing teams. Now, our students are on par with CSULB. But, congrats again, anyway. Maybe you have preserved these sideline seats for the next generation of students at UCLA with some heart and passion.

  • Anonymous

    Student attendance has been much better the alumni the last few years. To the person that said that we can now expect two empty sections during the holidays, I would say that that is a lot better then having two empty/silent sidelines for the rest of the season

  • Lifelong Bruin Fan

    I am very pleased that the students will remain on the sideline. If anything I would like to see them have an even bigger presence on the sideline a la Cameron.