Wooching joins UCLA clan

Psalm Wooching , a running back/linebacker from Hawaii’s Kealakehe High, just confirmed numerous reports that he has committed to UCLA.

I fly back from New York tomorrow and have an interview set up with him for tomorrow night, barring any unforeseen complications, and I’m really looking forward to the talk. We emailed back and forth briefly, and he seems like a great kid. Last thing he said was, “Happy to become a Bruin,” and that was just him saying goodbye.

I’ve long talked about UCLA getting this type of player, and it’s the second one in two days, as Scout.com’s Brandon Huffman reported yesterday that the Bruins picked up another commitment from Honolulu Punahou High running back Steven Lakalaka. Inoke Breckterfield is doing well so far with his new recruiting commitment, something Huffman foresaw in our recent chat.

Take a look at his film, and watch how Wooching reads blockers. Pretty good. He’ll have to put on some weight to play at the next level, but he seems to have some real football instincts.

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  • Anonymous

    He looks like the next Adrian Peterson. Heck, he’s probably better than Adrian Peterson. Thanks Neuheisel!!

  • cliq

    ^ uhhh what

  • Brock

    sarcasm from a stupid sc fan with nothing better in his life than to cry about sanctions and come on ucla blogs. jon, please stop anonymous people from posting.

  • Football Fan

    He looks like a standing straight up type of runner. Hard to tell from the film but I think Manfro looks better. He looks faster and quicker and delivers more of a blow.

    I hope he proves me wrong.

  • MaltBaa

    Its funny, UCLA did not have any commits yet and did not look like any would come until the summer camps or even later. Yet, the moment you go on vacation we get two. Talk to Rick about scheduling things out a little better next time.

  • Wise Fool

    There was this blurb from The Register’s Adam Maya.

    “Wooching is also a dedicated rugby player and was one of a select few chosen to spend this summer in New Zealand to train with the All Blacks rugby team.”


    That speaks volumes about Wooching’s toughness.

  • INawe

    Or maybe Jon should take a paid vacation for a couple months and by the time he comes back we will have 20 recruits. šŸ˜‰ lol

  • Rico Bruin

    I think he projects as an OLB project.

    The level of competition in his video is very, very, low.

    I guess we just wait an see how this turns out.

  • wutangbruin

    Wooching joins UCLA clan..it took me a while but now I get the sly reference to the wu tang clan. I hope this guy can contribute and UCLA’s coaches can develop these players.

  • captainqtp

    Rico is right… definitely looks like the OLB type. It’ll probably take some time to develop him, but he looks like he’s got the right body and the right attitude.

  • konabruin

    Great to see a Big Island boy make it to a major University. Hope he sees playing time. If he wants a superior education he chose the right school.

  • ucla-of-the rockies

    Regardless of where these Pacific Island stallions grade out now, dozens are serious prospects every year and we are better in that recruiting game now thanks to Coach IB. It’s no secret that from Samoa to Hawaii, there are hundreds of huge, quick, tough young men who surface on these islands every year that love this sport and the mainland education potential it brings with it. To see some type of pipeline laid down can only be a positive sign for future Bruin fortunes.
    As for Psalm, it’s his hands out of the backfield that caught my attention. And as for his name, it may even top a junior high kid I played with by the name of … Proverbs Simon. Now Jon, with such a short last name, how’s about Lamentations Gold for a son?

  • Reformed Droog

    Other possible names for Jon’s mythical national childship:

    Ilike Gold (Must be said with best Mike Myers impression)
    Cashfor Gold (Must be said with best MC Hammer impression)
    Yukon Gold (Kid’s nickname would be “Spud”)
    Potter Gold (“Potta’ Gold”)
    Digger Gold (Gold, Digger)
    Jim Gold (Gold, Jim)

  • ucla-of-the rockies

    Nice Droog.
    And what about Blue Gold?

  • Anonymous

    You forgot the middle name. It should be Blue N. Gold

  • Anonymous

    Yep Jon, sure noticed him reading his blocks. He looked like a pretty slow reader to me..

  • BruinFaithful

    It’s AMAZING to me, how just a week ago, both these Hawaiian recruits had 0 stars and 0 Offers. After accepting a UCLA offer, they immediately inherited 1 star. They magically both now have 3 stars? What a FARCE!!!!

  • Reformed Droog

    May the farce be with you.