Weekly Answers, Pt. 1

Check out the first batch of weekly answers…

1) How do we stand with Shabazz Muhammad right now? Also, are there any official or unofficial visits coming up? Do you think Korey McCray is the leader to be our next assistant coach right now? Thanks. – Anonymous
The Bruins still high on Muhammad’s list, but I think they have a very long road ahead of them. It’s very hard to fight off the allure of Arizona, Kentucky, Duke, etc., and UCLA needs to push, and push hard. Regarding McCray, I haven’t heard anything indicating he won’t be the guy, but I don’t think it’s locked up yet.

2) Why no news regarding baseball team?? Please keep us posted. – BruinPain
I needed a break following football, basketball then spring football, so I haven’t followed the baseball team as much as I would’ve liked. Pretty much from here on out I’ll be following the team more closely, and I just saw Trevor Bauer pitch on Saturday for a big Sunday centerpiece feature on him next week. Should be a heck of a story.

3) I was saddened to see that the depth chart still holds Kevin Prince as the starting QB.Was this a typo or something because I could not beleive my eyes??? He has never been able to throw a ball more than 35 YRDS or throw the screen pass except for over there heads and every pass is behind the receiver (but he is great in practice!). seriously, if Neuheisel throws out that “he knows the offense better” card one more time i will throw up. It is what you can do on the feild. It goes back to last years play not to lose attitude. If the coaches really are trying to turn this thing around it starts with a new QB. What are you hearing in terms of the starting QB??? – Ley
First of all, it’s still May, and fall camp is in August. Second of all, I thought Prince looked like a budding quarterback when healthy during his redshirt freshman year, and I think he was completely mishandled last season. Third of all, there’s no denying his confidence and bravado when he’s in the huddle, and that’s something Richard Brehaut still needs to work on. Prince carries himself like the No. 1, and coaches notice that. Utimately, if he is not healthy in the least, I think Brehaut’s the guy. But like I said, too early to tell.

4) You’ve just been appointed UCLA’s athletic director. What do you tell Rick Neuheisel about this coming season? Is he on your hot seat? – Reformed Droog
Well, I don’t think any AD actually has a “hot seat,” at least not going into a season. Everyone is hopeful, everyone is optimistic, it’s always “our year.” So I think going into it, Neuheisel is in somewhat solid footing. But if they have a season like last year, I don’t know how long that “wait ’til next year” mantra can keep going. For some, a 6-6 season wouldn’t even be enough, even though that’s right around where I expect them. But I don’t think there’s any such thing as a hot seat in May, particularly for a coach that has two new coordinators. Let’s see how it plays out a little first.

5) With Jerime Anderson and Zeke Jones graduating in June 2012, UCLA’s only point guard for the 2012-2013 season is North Carolina transfer Larry Drew. What is the outlook for UCLA to sign another strong point guard? – Anonymous
UCLA is in it for 2012 point guard LJ Rose, and the class of ’13 is pretty deep at the position out west, so I expect them to obviously get someone over the next two classes. Drew should be a more than acceptable holdover even if they don’t get Rose. But that ’13 class is absolutely crucial. Then again, so were the ’10 and ’11 classes…

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  • Blitzed

    Wait. 6-6? Weren’t you calling this an 8 to 9 win team? Back down to .500 is a pretty big backpedal.

  • http://yahoo.com Ray H.

    Prince’s problem is not performance but health. As a redshirt freshman he went into Tenn. with 100,000 and won, and last year at U-Texas he went in and won. Two very hostile places. Problem is always getting hurt, so don’t knock his talent but rather his choices of when to duck.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/ucla Jon Gold

    I was calling it an 8-win team before they went 4-8 last season. Not really since. Could they win eight games if things play out perfectly? Yeah. That would mean zero injuries on the line on both sides of the ball, a 13-game starting quarterback, and vastly improved tackling. That could happen. But UCLA could’ve gone 6-6 last year if there weren’t 16 season-ending injuries and Baca was eligible.

  • http://paulm Ley

    Prince was great at HANDING OFF (Texas)during his 2 wins, but this year will clearly be a pasing offense and this guy has shown he couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat!!!!! Anybody can shout and lead an army to there death!!!

  • Anonymous

    “Anybody can shout and lead an army to there death!!!”

    That is not true. Not everyone has the confidence to be a leader. Especially around a group of guys who were the studs during their high school careers. It is one thing to be able to throw the ball accurately everytime, but if you don’t have the poise and confidence, the rest of the team will be trying to pass you by instead of listening to you.

  • http://paulm Ley

    I just want to know if he can hit a receiver in stride (During a real game)and the answer on Prince is clearly NO!!! Just the facts Mamm.

  • Anonymous

    So … your prediction is UCLA gets less than 8 wins if: there is any injury to either line, or more than one QB starts in the 13 games (does 8 Ws get us to the P12 championship game so we can even play 13?), or the tackling shows less than vast improvement. Hmmm, did you forget to add that Reggie Bush had to win ‘New Orleans Man of the year’?

  • http://paulm Ley

    You can sugarcoat it any way you want but PRINCE SUCKS end of story. Listen Super (anonymous)Genious, why do you think we went after a QB (freshman) and everybody in Westwood wants him to start. Get over your man crush.

  • BruinPain

    I agree with Ley. I have had enough of this “looks”, “acts”, “carries himself” like a quarterback leading the team concept. Well that’s a pretty thought. But let Kevin get a degree in Drama because we need someone who doesn’t just look the part but who can throw the ball successfully and who is “unbreakable.” That person isn’t Kevin Prince.

  • ucla-of-the rockies

    Hey Anonymous USC idiot: 13 games is easily had, along with like 55 other teams, by just simply playing out yer 12-game schedule, going .500 and advancing to even a toilet bowl game. Oh, and sorry Reggie has turned out to be the epitomy of another Trojan head case.

  • BruinPain

    I agree with Ley. I have had enough of this “looks”, “acts”, “carries himself” like a quarterback leading the team concept. Well that’s a pretty thought. But let Kevin get a degree in Drama because we need someone who doesn’t just look the part but who can throw the ball successfully and who is “unbreakable.” That person isn’t Kevin Prince.