Weekly Answers, Pt. 2

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1) Why hasnt there been any talk about possibly bringing in Russell Wilson (former NC State, QB), is it too crazy to think that he could come in and be a one year bridge for Hundley? Is it his baseball commitment? We need an answer at QB and no doubt this kid has talent. Thoughts? – UCLA3
Wilson would be a monumental coup for Neuheisel, but I think there are other, more alluring programs around showing interest, and Wilson really can take his pick. It seems he was really interested in Wisconsin, and I’d expect him to land at a perennial top-25 school.

2) Is this our Alfred Aboya? http://twitter.com/#!/alaboya12 – Anonymous
I believe it is.

3) What’s the likelihood Presley returns? After all, the Trojies thought Brice Butler was gone too. – Anonymous
Presley is gone.

4) If Presley is gone, who is the third F-Back? It seems like at least 3 will be necessary since Thigpen is a bit injury prone. – captainqtp
With the way Mike Johnson seemed to mix-and-match personnel, I’m not so sure UCLA needs a third “designated” F-back. There are players who can play that position intermittently, guys like Derrick Coleman or Taylor Embree. Plus, they’re in love with Barr, so he’ll be seeing the most action anyway.

5) What would be your Wu Tang name? – WuBruin
Jew-Wu? Masta Hilla?

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  • Rex Griswald

    Max Tuerk to USC! I thought he was a UCLA lock

  • Reformed Droog


  • Anonymous

    U-Gold. +1 HA!