So….now what?

The news today that USC has lost its appeal for myriad sanctions handed down last year has instant ramifications for UCLA.

The Trojans recruited at a blistering pace last season, and even early in this recruiting period, with eight verbal commitments so far. USC will likely go into next season with around 65-68 on the roster, and with the 75-scholarship max, the Trojans class could be that small, only around 7-11 kids.

That means the Bruins must pounce, and pounce quickly, on local talent. Scouring the country for players who want to come west is all well and good, but there is a stockpile of talent in California, and UCLA can’t afford to let Stanford, Cal and Oregon fill the gap. If the Bruins even get two top-level players per year over the next three years because of sanctions, that’s a huge shift.

It’s not as if the see-saw has completely flipped, though. USC still has good talent for the next two years, even if that talent is thinning. As repeated ad nauseum, UCLA has to win – and win now – for a real shift to take place.

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  • Anonymous

    UCLA isn’t pouncing on the opportunity. USC will still sign a top 20 national class. They have a program that actually coaches, develops talent, and WINS. Recruits want to win and they want to be developed. Neither happens at UCLA.

    When the UCLA administration decides they want to compete with USC, then things may chance, but right now it has no such desire.

  • rejn

    Jon – Can you clarify….

    Does the 30 scholorship limit go into play beginning with the recruiting class that USC can sign in February, 2012?

    Are the players that they signed to date good to go, or, do the scholarship limits impact the class they signed in February, 2011 going into the 2011 FB season?

    Will they have to deny acceptance/LOI to any incoming recruits/freshman?

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree Jon! Thanks for writing this. UCLA better take advantage!!!

  • Tustin Dave

    The scholarship reduction was delayed a year by the appeal so actually the trogans get what they wanted which was to sign a large class this year. The limits mean that they will have smaller classes (no more than 15 per year and they can’t go over 75 max). UCLA needs to get better so they can clean up now.

  • Ley

    No Matter what anonymous (from USC) says the bruins do have good depth and speed and a couple of big recruits as Jon says will be a huge asset to put them over the top. What Anonymous really means is he is just whinning because he (USC)can’t go to a bowl game and they have no offensive lineman to protect there QB. Oh Yeah, and Kiffin is a year away from being gone and the rest of the Pac 12 has caught up to them!!! Boo Hoo, go to your own teams website.

  • James Cee

    What’s new!

  • ucla-of-the rockies

    USC will surely feel the sting of this one 4 awhile. But I agree, Jon, that the real enemy now becomes Cal (Tedford a recruiting beast, big facility renovations underway), Oregon (sick trove of Nike $$$) and maybe even Washington (Sarkisian’s deep SoCal contacts) … Stanford a rung down until it proves post-Harbaugh that it is still a force.
    But kids don’t like losers, and 6-6 simply won’t bring the change we’d all love to see. No, Bruins will need 8-5 this fall to prove it seriously can contend both nationally and draw the athletes it takes to do so.
    … Been waiting since boyhood and even thru the late Miami loss that ruined that magical run under Toledo. After having to stomach USC “revival” under Carroll, a serious rally back for Westwood at the Trojans’ expense would be such sweet revenge.

  • Cafe 84 Pizza

    I read this blog from time to time, and one thing that always amuses me is how, whenever an anonymous commenter says something negative about UCLA football, someone accuses him of being a USC fan. And yet, after every Bruin loss, there are UCLA fans on here blasting your coaches, your AD, and even your chancellor. Really, what did Anonymous at 4:18 say that hasn’t been said many times by UCLA fans on this very blog?

  • Ley

    I agree, it is now pretty much open season and this year is huge in terms of showing recruits that UCLA is back in the BIG picture. USC has had practically three # 1 recruiting classes and hasn’t done squat with it(4-5 losses a year). It is not all about five Star recruits but about kids that fit your system (see Boise St.) Dont get me wrong you still have to have lineman/speed and a good QB, but they don’t have to be 5 stars. I like what i see out of the new coordinators and we will see how it crosses over into the upcoming season!! GO BRUINS.

  • Jewin

    Hey Jon. Do you think any trogan seniors will be transferring out as a result of the appeal being denied? I guess we’ll find out soon, right? Thanks.

  • MichaelRyerson

    Can’t recruit til we win, can’t win til we recruit. damn, I don’t see a way out.

  • Trojan 70

    It is ALL about winning and your recent football track record is not appealing to 4-5* recruits. USC, like it or not, has a football legacy, like yours in basketball. Until your football coaching staff can motivate, train, and have players leave the UCLA system better than they were when they came in, you will have recruiting classes like the one you produced this spring.

  • MichaelRyerson

    gee, troj, do ya think range rovers all around would help? with the bullets flyin in from figueroa, it sure ain’t yer campus that’s drawin em in.

  • @Michael Ryerson, you hit the nail right on the head.

  • Trojan 70

    You folks sure think highly of Westwood. Just as crowded, dirty, and almost as full of crime. Oh that’s right, no gangs in Westwood. Dream on. Parking permits anyone?

  • Anonymous

    Trojan 70. You guys are under heavy NCAA sanctions for cheating. You should be very proud of your school and football team. Go away.

  • ucla-of-the rockies

    At least Trojan 70 knows how many scholarship players SUC has left.

  • MichaelRyerson

    Yeah, Westwood is crowded, no denying it. You know, troj, I’ll bet you dinner, in under five minutes, I can find five or more ‘SC scholarship athletes walking around Westwood on a Friday night and I’ll bet you can’t find a single Bruin athlete walking around…walking around…uh, I don’t know what to call the neighborhood your campus is located in…let’s just say you wouldn’t be able to find a single Bruin athlete walking around South Central Los Angeles. There’s a reason Westwood is crowded.

  • ucla-of-the rockies

    MRyer: Is Benny still dating Trojan 70?

  • MichaelRyerson

    Yeah, last time we talked (couple of weeks ago) they were still together. They make kind of an odd looking couple but then most of Benny’s girlfriends have been better looking than him. Thing is, he’s so frigging smart and funny. Women eat it up. I coming back to L.A. next week for a graduation, gonna stay for a week or so. I’m sure I’ll see him. I’ll let you know. Maybe I should write a book…Chronicles of Benny.

  • Ley

    Is it Soooo Bad across town with no bowl game and sanctions hanging over their heads for cheating that they have no choice but to come over to the sunny, UCLA side of town!!! šŸ™‚