Weekly Answers, Pt. 3

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1) Where do you see Shaquelle Evans in terms of the depth chart come September? – Ryan
I didn’t see much of Evans, because when he played, he played in a no-contact jersey, but he seems to have the size and speed that the coaches like. I really think the positional battles at wide receiver are going to be compelling, because it’s pretty clear that Mike Johnson is a no-nonsense guy who is going to demand a lot out of that position.

2) Also, what is your impression of Raymond Nelson? He seems to have a rock-solid frame with the kind of muscle you don’t build in the gym. – Ryan
Whenever I talk to recruiting guys, they gush all over him. Good athleticism, plays football the way it’s supposed to be played. Not sure exactly how fast he is, and he definitely will need to bulk up, but he seems like a pretty good prospect.

3) How are Nelson Rosario and Taylor Embree still on top of the depth chart at wide receiver? – Thomas Soteros-McNamara
Who has outplayed them? I get the idea of not being satisfied by their play, but it’s not as if anyone has surpassed them.

4) What is there to do in Houston over Labor Day weekend? Gator races? – Thomas Soteros-McNamara
There you go.

5) With the school year rapidly coming to a close, how would you grade the job our Athletics Department has done? What would you say are the strengths, weaknesses, and prospects for the future? – Anonymous
As always, my expectations and the average UCLA’s expectations for the department do not coincide, so I’m not the right guy to ask. I thought it was a down year compared to years past, but still better than most. For the last year, I’d probably say a B- to B. Obviously there were some issues with fans, and the dropoff in football and basketball from a few years ago seems pretty stark. But the UCLA brand will always be a strength, it just needs to be sold better and younger, and just because football went 4-8 doesn’t mean that the sky is falling. From a marketing standpoint, I just think things need to be geared to a younger generation of UCLA fan, but I’m also 27, so what the heck do I know?

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  • Rico Bruin

    Jon your answer about targeting younger fans is on point.
    UCLA is an extremely strong brand that needs to be re-energized. You would think with the Anderson school on campus they would be utilized to help with this.

    Unfortunately the schools mantra has been those dangerous words that always lead to under performance
    ” but, we have always done it this way”. Very sad.


    Marketing is a big issue at UCLA! It wasn’t like this when I was growing up. UCLA was all over the place. I know I know it takes $ blah blah blah ……
    That excuse grows old.

  • Anonymous

    Jon, your answer to question #4 was classic. LOL