Weekly Answers, Pt. 4

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1) According to their sanctions U$C is only allowed a max of 15 new scholarships/yr and a max of 75 total scholarships. I was told that last year they had 85 on scholarship, with 20 seniors, or 65 on scholarship after graduation. Given the max of 75 scholarships means they should only be able to offer 10 this year, but I am seeing what seems to be a lot more than 10 offers. Whats going on? PS Great site! – DC in LA
They are going to have to do some creative management. But just because an offer goes out does not mean that team expects to sign the guy.

2) Regarding the ‘offseason’, since we are between spring and fall ball for football and well into the basketball offseason, what do you think is the best use of time for the players during this time? I’m sure much of it depends on whether the players are coming off injuries, but how much is conditioning vs playing with other teammates vs learning plays etc important? – Anonymous
I think the spontaneous 7-on-7s and even just simple QB/WR drills are most important during the offseason. Conditioning is obviously a must, as is the studying of the playbook, but actual on-field time is most important for an offense that needs to gel.

3) Thanks for the work. Question: Did you ever find out where I could get the JRW black pyramid patch? Also if might have been stated but where do you see the fb team falling this year? 6-6, 7-5? – Anonymous
I tried looking for the patch but no luck. I don’t think they’re for sale. If the team stays relatively healthy and makes the leap in confidence it needs, 7-5 sounds about right. Major losses on the line or in the passing game equals more losses in the playbook.

4) Is Christopher Bono coming/walking on to UCLA? – rejn
That was the last I’ve heard on it.

5) Has Xavier Suafilo given any indication of his plans to return to UCLA next year after his mission, or possibly play for another school once he returns? – Anonymous
Su’a-Filo was pretty specific that he’d return if Neuheisel was still head coach when he was done with his mission.

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  • bruinbiochem06

    Does this mean USC will have a 75 scholarship cap for this coming fall? In other words, there will not be enough room for all the players they signed this past winter? Jon, can you clarify?

  • bruinbiochem06

    I think I answered my own question. Then scholarship cap will begin not this coming fall but the one after that. In other words, 15 months from now.