UCLA clinches share of Pac-10 title with back-to-back wins at ASU

In a season of ups and downs, the UCLA baseball team is going up, up, up at just the right time.

Behind Gerrit Cole on Friday night and Trevor Bauer on Saturday, the Bruins have won two straight at Arizona State, guaranteeing at least a share of the Pac-10 title, the team’s first since 2000.

Tonight, Bauer – who I feature in tomorrow’s Daily News in an 95-inch feature (Yay for newsprint! Yay for space!) – was masterful once more, moving to 12-2 with his eighth straight complete game, a 14-strikeout, five-hit, one-walk demolition of the Sun Devils. It was Bauer’s third shutout of the year in his 14th career complete game, as the Bruins became the first team since April 2008 to take a series in Tempe from ASU, which had won four straight conference titles.

Fabulous freshman Adam Plutko takes the mound tomorrow with a chance to win the conference title outright, though the Bruins can do no worse than a tie for first. Plutko is 6-3 with a 1.70 ERA and 83 strikeouts in 95 1/3 innings.

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  • BruinPain

    Thanks Jon for finally reporting something about our great baseball team. We have two potential top five picks in the coming MLB draft in pitchers Cole and Bauer. Plenty of talent on our team, well coached, and an excellent chance of returning to the CWS again this year! Please keep up the baseball reporting.

  • Anonymous

    Nice, Jon. Welcome to the bandwagon. It takes UCLA clinching a share of the pac-10 title for you to blog about the team. Pathetic.

  • Anonymous

    Really? You are blogging about the baseball team only after they clinch a share of the Pac-10 title? And only because you want to promote your Bauer feature? Where have you been all season, Jon? How pathetic.

  • Hollywood Bruin

    Jon EXCELLLLLLEEENT write up http://www.dailynews.com/sports/ci_18164611 .

    One of your BEST.

    Keep it up man, forget the posters that are hating. Haters hate.

    Hollywood Bruin


    ^ WOW some of y’all can be real a-holes! Stop it before Jon pulls a Caldwell ( one of the few good things UCLA still has) and leaves! This dude may not get Bruins Nation ( the fan base not the jerks online) 100% but he is hands down the best beat writer in the PAC! However with that said……

    We UCLA fans need something to cheer about! Obviously it’s not football so when UCLA does good in ANY sport or anything for that matter, you need to report it! It’s called lifting our spirits, keeping us happy. Throw us a f$c&in bone for crying out loud! 😉 Capish?

  • la_bruin

    Jon – Why do you let these clowns get to you, dude? These guys get your reporting for free and this is the self-rightous entitlement they post? Anyone with any actual knowledge of the media landscape knows you’re the only beat reporter with any energy & drive. And anyone that’s responsible for a large reporting tompic knows the WORK NEVER ENDS and NO ONE’S EVER SATISIFED. That’s the nature of beast.

    I get frustrated too in my line of work dealing with online trolls. But my response is alway the same: Write a two ine response, save to drafts, then walk away. 12 hours later, focus on another post on a different topic. And the draft post you saved earlier? DELETE. Real writers & authors are too busy to spend time on that negativity & your response isn’t gonna increase ad revenue… but new content will.

    Haters gonna hate, players gonna play. Right player?

  • PV Bruin

    Hey Jon:

    it’s impossible to make everybody happy.. nothing you can do but ignore the jerks.

    Thanks for reporting UCLA baseball progress on Memorial Sunday…

  • You’re right, thank you.

  • Anonymous

    You do great work Jon! Keep it up! Keep representing the T.O. 😀