Weekly Q&A

Fire away with questions for this week’s Q&A. Please don’t post new questions on the answers section, because I don’t always check the comments. Save them for next week.


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  • bruincheerleader

    Hi Jon…now that the NCAA has denied u$c’s appeal, is there any buzz on the street about some of their football recruits thinking about UCLA instead?…is CRN even working on this yet?

  • The Blur

    Great article on Bauer, and thanks for the recent baseball coverage. Count me as another reader who enjoys the baseball updates. As for Bauer, it seems as though he never liked school. So what brought him to college/UCLA?

  • Anonymous

    A couple of sites have said that LJ Rose has UCLA as his favorite. I also noticed that he, along with D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera, Kyle Anderson and a couple others are just visited memorial weekend. What are our priorities and how many scholarships do we have to give? Could two of the names listed above coexist? How would a commitment from one of these prospects affect our recruitment of Shabazz Muhammed? Thanks.

  • 909Bruin

    any reason why Hawaii didn’t offer our 2 commits?? Were they flying THAT under the radar that UH didn’t even know about them?

  • 909Bruin

    if SUC and Jordan Payton go their seperate ways (now that they lost the appeal) do the Bruins have a good chance with him?

  • Anonymous

    What do you think our chances are in the Baseball Regionals?

    Also, is it just me, or do I always have to put in my comment twice for it to be submitted?

  • Russ

    My question is the same as last week Jon. What do you hear, what do you know RE:possible New HOME uniforms for UCLA. Any changes to the color of pants, full shoulder stripe, jersey color, snug fit still in our out. Are there changes and if so what are they. Thanks Jon.

  • Bob

    If for some crazy reason coach Ricky N posts another 4 and 8 season, do you think it would be a bad time to relieve him of his duties due to the timing of the sc sanctions. Could this buy him another couple of years?

  • Bruinpils

    n a recent Daily Bruin article Howland mentioned that he planned on using more motion this year. How much motion will he use? Will it be the base half-court offense? Has Howland used this offense in the past here or at other schools.

  • Bruinpils

    Just wanted to say that I always have to post at least a couple of times before it takes.

  • williscop

    Each year you have grown close relationships and trust with some of the recruits. Who do you have that with in this recruiting cycle? Is gaining that trust getting any easier?

  • bibs

    You do a really good job covering the Bruins.When do the summer camps start? Do these camps result in many offers?
    What are the chances of adding some more players before Fall camp?

  • johncomd


    I’m a long time Bruin football fan and have seen the ups and downs of the program through the decades and am not easily discouraged by them. However, in my opinion things have changed permanently. At some point, it seems that the top levels of UCLA administration(yes, you Chancellor Carnesale!) have made a conscious effort to stop competing at the highest levels of the game. This is evidenced by the salaries it is willing to pay its coaches. I think this is particularly important as the top schools continue to escalate their salaries. There was once a time when Bruin football coaches were paid competitively with their peers at SEC or Big 10 schools but no longer. I think that top recruits with aspirations of pro ball choose a school based on which coaches can help get them there. No top assistants, no top recruits. Your wise and learned opinion, please?

  • Anonymous

    What’s your take on Tyler Honeycutt’s latest comments on Howland’s system not allowing his players to showcase their skills to the NBA?

  • tim warren

    The pre-season football mags (Sporting News/Athlon/Lindy’s) have UCLA finishing 5th or 6th in the new Pac 12 South Division. Does this sound right to you or will there be a surprise in store?

  • BruinBall

    With the new TV deal, is there much financial incentive for schools like UCLA to win? Seems like most of their football revenue will be coming from an evenly distributed TV package regardless of the number of wins they put up.

  • ty

    Any news on were Presley and vineyard are headed..? Traders!

  • NorthCampusBruin

    Will you help legitimize my made up Jim Tressel to UCLA rumor?

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Nice inquisitive posts here this week, Jon. So, I’ll just flat drop the bomb right and now: Let’s just say I was too young to remember the ’75 hoops title team, but thrilled to party through our ’95 romp past Arkansas. But in football … I now fear I may never see a Nat’l crown for the Bruins. Worse, my teenage son and I are pumped to be able to root UCLA on here every year in either Co or Utah. He asked the question over a burger last night, and I told him I’d ask you: “Chances for a UCLA Nat’l Champ in the next, say, 25 years?” Don’t worry, I’m not holding my breath — especially up here at 7,000 feet.

  • ty

    What’s the chance we win our first game against Houston..? Any update on our jc on-lineman if he’s cleared to play this fall yet? When does sua-filo return? Rating our defensive line going into this season what grade would you rate them? Thanks Jon

  • poorandunfortunatesoul

    Neuheisel basically stated that Prince is the man to beat for the QB position. Your thoughts on that? did Brehaut really not prove himself in spring?

  • Spencer

    Is Korey McCray officially a coach?

  • It’s not about having a shot, it’s about getting them.

  • Vinicius

    USC recently got Robert Woods, Kyle Prater, Markeith Ambles, George Farmer, all among the best receivers of their classes… it’s ridiculous! UCLA never had a shot with any of them?