Weekly Answers, Pt. 3

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1) Will the DT’s anchor the defense or be an anchor attached to CRN’s leg? – Anonymous
Another good question. I think it will be neither. If UCLA is subpar this season, yes, the defensive tackle position will not have performed, but they’re not the only questionable unit. Is that a cop-out? Probably.

2) Hi Jon, I was wondering if maybe you could do some further questioning either to Neuheisel or maybe even Brehaut himself. I’ve read in the OC register and heard it commented before that Neuheisel says that Brehaut needs to “shows that he wants the job more in order to win it”. That comment is rather curious to me because by all indications he never missed a beat in keeping all his spring football commitments, preformed pretty strong in spring, has proven to have the respect of his teammates, is a hell of a lot more physically tough than Prince, throws a much more catchable ball in my opinion and seems to plays with a lot more “moxie” than Prince and although he has continued to be on the baseball team has made it publically and personally evident that football is his number 1 priority. This kid didn’t get a fair shake with Chow the last two seasons and I personally was looking forward to a change to Brehaut at QB. What is your opinion on this matter or what do you know to be the facts? Is Brehaut just in the doghouse with Neu because of baseball and he’ll never believe Brehaut wants the job because of it? Or is he just saying this stuff to keep both QB’s guessing. What does Neu want Brehaut to do in order to show him that he wants the job.. Seems that he’s done that to me. I would like to have more information to understand this odd situation – David Kirk
Your guess is as good as mine, and unfortunately, I know for a fact the quarterbacks are up in the air, too. The communication breakdowns last year between Neuheisel and Chow and Prince and Brehaut were devastating to the team, and I think by saying these kinds of quotes to the public, it leads to even more chaos. Why not just say, ‘We’re looking forward to seeing a healthy Kevin Prince and the competition that follows?’ Why throw Brehaut under the bus? If it’s some kind of motivation factor, it doesn’t work. It NEVER works. I thought the handling of Brehaut would change with Chow’s departure, but it hasn’t. Regarding the baseball thing: The kid hit over .400 as a sophomore and junior in high school and scouts know he has talent. If he’s getting jerked around in football, why not explore the baseball path? It’s not like he missed any time in spring football for baseball – that was made quite clear. I just don’t get how it’s played in the media either.

3) Jon could you tell us where the UCLA baseball comitts were drafted – UCLAVES
From what I gather, this is it: Kevin Kramer – Indians; Tyler Goeddel – Rays; Joe Ross – Padres; Austin Hedges – Padres; Eric Snyder – Rangers. I might be missing one or two, but I think that’s it.

4) Jon..what involvement can the football coaching staff have with the players between now and fall camp? – jwrbruins
None on the field.

5) If he had entered the NBA draft this year, were would Josh Smith have been drafted? – BruinBall
Great question, but a tough one to answer. His conditioning and work habit concerns probably would have sent him to the bottom of the first round, but that’s where the best GMs pick – there’s a reason they’re drafting late, and it’s because they win – and they seem to like to go with surer bets when they go the American route. I would guess early second round.

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  • GmanC

    One of the reasons that Brehaut has taken some heat from almost all the coaches is because he has been slow to learn the playbook. That’s never a way to ingratiate yourself to a coaching staff or earn their respect. Hundley has put more work into the playbook in a few months than Brehaut probably did in his first couple years and the coaches love that, for good reason.

    That being said, I agree that the motivation factor is coming off more as a head game and hasn’t worked.

  • anonymous

    Out of the ten quarterbacks in the conference, Richard Brehaut was ninth in passing average, ninth in passing efficiency, and ninth in total offense. I couldn’t find the “moxie” category.

    Its a little “curious” to me when a coach says one of the two worst quarterbacks in the league needs to “show that he wants the job more in order to win it” there are people who might describe it as “curious” statement.

  • BruinFaithful

    Regarding Brehaut:

    Come on Jon,

    you don’t need to try to placate somebody. You know exactly what is going on. After 3 years, playing in 15 games, starting 7 games, and getting massive reps in practice, including the majority in Spring Ball, Brehaut still doesn’t know the Playbook, hasn’t learned his reads, and is still making the same juvenile mistakes.

    BTW, batting .400 in the IE in HS, means diddly squat in the Pac-10.

    David Kirk:

    So bottom line, in spite of all these opportunities, Brehaut has yet to put in the work in the study room and practice or perform in games to separate himself. He had one good game last year, the ASU game. Overall, he ranked 9th in the Pac-10 in Passing Efficiency and 10th in throwing yards. He was also VERY mediocre all Spring. So exactly why should he be anointed the starter? I agree with Neu, I want to see what’s behind Door Number 2 and see if Door Number 1 improves as a result.

    Playing a dual sport should be reserved for those who have put the work in to master their primary sport. Not those who are still struggling to learn the PlayBook and simple Reads after 3 years. Then, he picks the riskiest position to play in Baseball? Catcher? What kind of numb nuts does that? Only to not play at all? So instead of studying the PlayBook, or practicing extra routes with his WR’s, to make himself a better QB, he decides to risk a Pro career by practicing as a catcher? Huh?

    I hope this kid gets it together, and believe me I am certainly NOT enamored with Prince, but what has he done or shown us to deserve otherwise?

  • ucla steve

    I personally believe Richard Brehaut can be a good quarterback and still has the chance to be good, and likely will be. But in regards to the request for more information re: “this odd situation”. This, I’m arguing is the situation. The team’s pass offense and pass efficiency is the worst in the conference statistically as a team and Richard Brehaut ranks no. one hundred and thirteenth nationally, statistically, and ninth out of ten in the three statistical passing categories in the conference behind five other sophmores. To the media, team, and administration Brehaut’s performance is arguably the most statistically visible reason why the team is as poor as it is. I would argue the coach’s comments could be taken as diplomatic and perhaps sympathetic given how poor Richard Brehaut’s numbers are in game situations, particularly on third down and particularly given how Brehaut so emphatically underperformed relative to the conference’s other sophmores, with an excellent running game to leverage. How would a coach be perceived in the media, by players, and by recruits if he is not open and honest regarding unusually and remarkably poor performance? Would the coach be perceived as pollyanaish, dishonest, or overly optimistic, when asked about this quarterback, if he responded more favorably?

  • BruinPain

    FYI BruinFaithful,

    Richard Brehaut was both team captain and MVP on his Los Osos team as a Sophomore and Junior. Since he left H.S. early for UCLA, he didn’t play any baseball in Senior year but he was ranked as the #153 prospect prep prospect after his Junior year, and #1190 nationally which is very good entering your Senior year. He would have been highly recruited by major college baseball programs and may have been drafted in the late rounds of the mlb amateur draft. Since he was a large, athletic catcher who hit from the left side of the plate which increases his value. So he wasn’t just “BTW, batting .400 in the IE in HS, means diddly squat in the Pac-10.” He batted .473 and .410 with an OPS over 1.200 both seasons! Coach Savage wouldn’t let him on the team if he didn’t think he could contribute. So think what you will about Brehaut about his playbook knowledge, which I have no I idea what he knows or doesn’t know, but he was a bona fide baseball prospect.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the update Mrs. Brehaut.

  • Stu

    When Neu says Bree doesn’t work hard enough, I have no reason to think he is saying Bree should not play baseball.

    This was rap on Bree before he wanted to play baseball. He does not understand how hard he really has to work to be good at this level.

  • BruinPain

    That’s hilarious Anonymous! hahahaa However, like Jack Webb on Dragnet: Just the Facts. šŸ™‚ And the facts are that “my son” Richard Brehaut was a baller at baseball so BruinFaithful was speaking without knowledge of his prep career. I was merely filling in some of the blanks. I understand this site, unfortunately, focuses almost exclusively on Bruin football and basketball. Perhaps because I’m a bit older and played baseball when it was America’s pastime from the time I could walk and throw a ball through high school and beyond, baseball remains my number one sporting interest. But I’m not being sarcastic about the hahaha, I really did chuckle when you called me Mrs. Brehaut…that’s pretty funny!

  • Long Term Memory

    For those who haven’t been on Earth for 30 years, please realize that CRN has a memory of his time and the players he competed against from ’79 thru ’83, witnessing quite a cross section of UCLA QB talent:

    1979-Rick Bashore{Sr) 60/122(48.2%), 964yds, 8TDs, 5-6 [No Bowl]7th -Pac10

    1980-Tom Ramsey(So) 82/148(55.3%), 1,116yds, 9 TDs, 9-2[W-Tokyo Bowl] 2nd-Pac10 [13th nationally]

    1981-Tom Ramsey(Jr) 134/230(58.3%), 1,793yds, 16TDs, 7-4-1 [L-Bluebonnet] 4th-Pac10

    1982-Tom Ramsey(Sr) 209/336(62.2%), 2,986yds, 21TDs, 10-1-1[W-Rose] 1st-Pac10 [5th nationally]

    1983-Rick Neuheisel(R-Sr) 185/267(69.3%), 2,245, 13TDs, 7-4-1[W-Rose] 1st-Pac10 [15th nationally]

    1984-Steve Bono(R-Sr) 136/245(55.5%) 1,576yds, 9TDs 9-3[W-Fiesta] 3rd-Pac10 [9th nationally]

    1985-David Norrie(R-Sr) 136/214(63.6%) 1,819yds, 10TDs, 9-2-1[W-Rose] 1st-Pac10 (6th nationally)

    1986-Matt Stevens(R-Sr) 150/280(53.6%)1,869yds, 11TDs 8-3-1[W-Freedom] 2nd-Pac10 (14th nationally)

    He knows what it took to compete with good QBs fighting one another for starting and playing time.

    I think CRNs view of the current UCLA QB situation brings back memories of what it takes to get UCLA into being a nationally regarded team.

  • Coach Thom

    Good comments. Waterfield, Kilmer, Aikman…distant memories. Can Brehaut measure up? A naturally gifted athlete, but does he possess the intellectual aptitude to really play QB at this (or the next) level? On that front, he just might be out of his depth. Let us hope that Prince can stay healthy and that Hundley develops quickly.

  • tomas

    Brehaut with intellectual aptitude? My recollection is that he had the highest SAT score of any of the ’09 guys other than Todd Golper

  • Semi-Pro

    SAT scores only measure how well you did on the SAT. They are certainly not a measure of intelligence nor are they at all applicable to the sport of football.


    Middle aged head coaches must scream out in the middle of the night: “My career, my livelihood, and my reputation depend on this 21 year old kid?”

  • BruinFaithful


    Mr. Just the Facts, you are speculating what Brehaut might do on the field in Pac-10 Baseball, based on what he did in HS. I am however NOT speculating on what he has done SO far as a Bruin QB. Big difference.

    You must have missed the point of my post. Which is, Richard Brehaut came to UCLA on a Football Scholie. Mr. Brehaut should therefore spend most of his time mastering his primary sport or prove he has mastered his primary sport, before venturing out. My statistics regarding his performance on the FB field are NOT speculation. The observations and statistics of Mr. Brehaut’s performance on the field during Spring FB are NOT speculation. I think it’s been a while since you’ve watched Dragnet, Mr. Nick at Night.

    Mr. Brehaut should pick a sport and stick with it and master it.

    Since you are being nostalgic, I’m sure in your day you heard the saying, “Shhhh or get off the pot”?

  • Johnny Angel

    The problem at qb and elsewhere is Neuheisel and staff have not performed well. Doesn’t anyone remember that Prince’s stats were even *worse* than those of Brehaut? The running game after the change wasn’t significantly better? Wasn’t the defense at the middle of pack at best?

    The people who need to show they want it more are Guerrero, Neuheisel, and staff.

  • BruinFaithful


    Mr. Brehaut is spending his summer play Summer League Baseball, instead of improving his QB skills.