Weekly Answers, Pt. 1

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1) I am noticing a significant drop in the number of, shall I say, inappropriate, comments on your blog. Do you think this is a result of your frequent reminders to keep things civil or is more related to there really are no controversial issues impact UCLA athletics right now? The reporting remains top notch, I hope the cilivity does too. – Anonymous
It’s a combination of many things; I’ve tried to keep a closer look at the comments; less stuff to talk about; less posts on my part, etc.

2) When are you going to get married and give me some grand children? I don’t mean to kvetsch, but you’re not getting any younger… – Your Jewish Mother
Oy, gevalt, mother, get off my back. What am I, chopped liver?

3) Any news on Marques Tuiasosopo’s role with the Bruins? I heard that CRN hired him as “assistant strength coach” with the possibility of becoming an intern, volunteer, or graduate assistant. As strength coach Coach Marques is not allowed to recruit off-campus. However, as intern etc will he be able to recruit off-campus. I only ask because I think he would be an asset in recruiting the Washington area. There are several recruits especially offensive lineman who might remember his glory days with the Huskies. – Anonymous
I was told today that Tuiasosopo will be an intern with the football program, with the ability to recruit on campus. From what I understand, he can’t do off-campus recruiting. As an intern, he can’t coach on the field, but he’ll be involved heavily with the program.

4) Why is Reeves Nelson never mentioned as being able to play the 3 next year. Wouldn’t that position be better suited for him at the next level anyway given his size? That would allow the Wear twins to rotate at the 4 and back-up the five. Any thoughts? I know Reeves would need to work on his foot speed on defense but I think he can handle the position if given the chance. – JF
Nelson doesn’t have the skill set to be a true “three,” but he definitely could slide over and guard a three at times if needed. There will be times next year when we see a Nelson/Wear/Smith frontcourt – I wouldn’t be shocked if that was the starting lineup at some point – but I wouldn’t think that Nelson can just become a three.

5) Jon, there is already a top 25 recruiting list of top schools for 2012…needless to say we are no where to be seen on that list…i know you say COACH NEU is a fast closer, (except for this past year anyway)…could you give some idea on leans or 4 or 5 stars that you think might end up in our UCLA FOOTBALL PROGRAM…thanks! – bruincheerleader
Honestly, I truly can’t. We have no clue what’s going to happen in September, much less by February. This is the weirdest year for UCLA recruiting in a long time, and anyone who says they can tell you what five-star will go to UCLA I think is overstepping a bit. If UCLA goes 4-8 again, who knows who’ll come? If there’s a coaching change, then what?

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  • Coach Thom

    This season, if we go 4-8 again, or worse, with the players and coaching staff we now have, then I’m convinced the planets and stars are in total disarray, and the end of the Universe is just around the corner. So speaks Zarathustra (and me). Frankly, if we go 4-8 this season, life as we know it simply isn’t worth living.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Wow: the apocalypse hinges on 2011 UCLA football.



    This blog has really hit the proverbial wall. I probably came on here 10x a day last year to check and see what was going on. Now, it seems like there’s no updates, no features, no interviews, no analysis. I like your creativity with some of your earlier stuff, but even you have to recognize that the number of questions being asked is way down. In the past, you would get easily 80-90 and now there’s 20 – and half of those are lame. My biggest gripe is that everything seems to be a re-post from ESPN or some other article.

    Jon – as a longtime reader of this blog – change things up and give us something to gnaw on until the season starts. How about a night owl posting of something significant for your loyal followers? I hate Wolf, but no matter how idiotic his postings – it’s something. Bruin fans want updates on RECRUITING and the team. Interviews are always a plus.

    Just some random thoughts from a Bruin living out on the east coast.

  • Anonymous

    Who will be the Dodgers manager next year?