Quick chat with UCLA recruit Eli Ankou

Inside UCLA Campus Correspondent Jacob Ruffman also put together some quick interviews at the Above and Beyond Lineman camp yesterday at Spaulding Field. Ruffman is a recruiting enthusiast and a terrific young writer, and I hope to have him as a frequent presence to ramp up our recruiting coverage. This is some great stuff, with more interviews to follow.

Here’s Round 2 with DE Eli Ankou, video at the end:

Ruffman: This is your first time out to UCLA, what did you think of the school/camp?
Ankou: “It was awesome, there’s good weather, good atmosphere. The coaches were great
and they really know what they’re talking about. I was really motivated to do my
best and show them what I can do.”

JR: What did the coaches do for you during the camp?
EA:”They showed me how to use my hips a bit more and at the end of the one-on-ones I
was able to exploit that more. It was great to get those pointers and use them in live

JR: What schools are you looking at currently?
EA: “I currently have three offers: UCLA, Virginia and Vanderbilt. I also have high
interest from Michigan state, Rutgers, Akron and some other schools up north.”

JR: What are your thoughts about UCLA?
EA: “I really like the environment of the school as a whole. When you walk out of here
you walk out with something valuable. Also, the coaches are great and the facilities
are really good as well.”

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  • miguelito

    what i could glean from “highlight video”:

    1. Canada sucks at football

    2. Some highschool games in Canada are played in backyards

    3. Canadians listen to horrible music.

    4. A good Junior 2 pop warner team could beat those canadians

  • Anonymous

    Not that impressed. He looks very stiff and lethargic. No wonder we’re competing with UVA and Vandy for him.

  • i think that you have it a bit wrong, he did end up going to highschool here in the U.S and has shown that he is more than capable to compete, his school (Red Lion Academy) played the #8 ranked thoughest schedule in highschool football, i think you should reconsider, he and SC commit kenny bigelow were 2 great assets to their defense. here is his senior highliht tape http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOrzATkYE4A