Quick chat with UCLA recruit Bryce Treggs

Inside UCLA Campus Correspondent Jacob Ruffman also put together some quick interviews at the Above and Beyond Lineman camp yesterday at Spaulding Field. Ruffman is a recruiting enthusiast and a terrific young writer, and I hope to have him as a frequent presence to ramp up our recruiting coverage. This is some great stuff, with more interviews to follow.

Here’s Round 1 with 4-star WR Bryce Treggs, video at the end:

Ruffman: You are one of the top wide receivers in the nation, why did you decide to come out here and participate in the camp?
Bryce Treggs: “It was actually my dad. He wanted me to come out here and work with coach Johnson a little bit and feel out his coaching style.”

JR: What did you think of him?
BT: “Coach Johnson is great, I love his style. He’s very hands on, he doesn’t just tell you what to do he shows you how to do it. I like that.”

JR: Where does UCLA stand for you right now?
BT: “UCLA is definitely in my top 4. The main schools I’m looking at are Cal, Notre Dame, Stanford and UCLA.”

JR: What is it about UCLA you’re interested in?
BT: “It’s the balance between academics and athletics. Also it’s close to home so friends and family could see me play.”

JR: Do you think you’re going to take your officials before or after you make a decision?
BT: “I’m going to decide after most likely. I’m getting recruited so I might as well enjoy it.”

JR: Are you going to take any more trips this summer?
BT: “No, I think I’m done. I might come up to UCLA a couple more times because it’s right down the street but I’m not taking any more trips.”

JR: You spent a lot of time talking with some of the other recruits, are there any players you might want to play with in college?
BT: “I would love to play with Ishmael (Adams) because we’re both good players on different sides of the ball. We could come in here and make an impact right away. Also Richard Smith, Gabriel Marks, pretty much everyone UCLA is recruiting that’s here.”

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  • Semi-Pro

    Kid looks like a stud in his video. Great routes, great catches even in traffic, great in the open field, and always falls forward when hit.

    UCLA could really use this guy.