Weekly Q&A

Fire away with questions for this week’s Q&A. Please don’t post new questions on the answers section, because I don’t always check the comments. Save them for next week.


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  • Kolb Ate 10 Eggs

    1) How is Prince’s rehab coming along? Will he be 100% by the start of practice in August?

    2) When will Baca be game-ready? In his absence, what will the OL look like? Slide Sheller to OT and put Hasiak at guard? Or are Connor Bradford, Brett Downey, or anyone else legit replacements at tackle?

  • San Diego Therapist

    Both Strasburg and Gerrit Cole were RHP and first overall pick in the MLB draft. Who is/was a better overall prospect, the Aztec or the Bruin?

  • hey jon, whats going on with conor mcdermott enrolling in a prep school this fall instead of attending UCLA? also the ucla website said jerry neuhiesal enrolled in summer school. So their goes grey shirting him right? thanks.

  • D

    Jon, can you PLEASE ask RN why he isn’t actively pursuing more lineman (OL) and (DL). And when I say pursuing, I mean like, that’s the only thing I sincerely believes matters at this point, especially with usc being so weak on the line, they are going to be using their caps on needs. I understand we’re doing okay on the defensive side, but the fact remains the reason we have stunk besides not having a qb, is our Lines are too weak to make any dent in protection to prevent pressure, and on the other side, to weak to apply it. It just doesn’t make sense how many other positions we are going after when it all starts in the trenches? Thanks for the great coverage, and getting other people involved to keep up the information here.

  • D

    Jon, Why don’t you think our players play “Through the whistles” What I mean by that is, our WR’s constantly gave up after catches were made. Jonathan Franklin and Derrick Cole, are probably the only players I ever saw playing the entire down. Fighting for every yard despite having just gotten the ball. Is this disappointment going to change with our new coaches? Whose fault is it that our players basically quit on plays without fighting for extra yards, (and don’t get me started on dropped passes)…

  • UCLA3

    I understand the wishes of Howland and UCLA fans for Lee to have stayed one more year, but I cant really fault him for leaving. Individually I dont think college offered too much more, he’s become a great defender, his offense will always be a work in progress, no better place to work on it than in the NBA when all your focus is on hoops. The potential class for 2012 is absolutely loaded. While most of these players are younger their “potential” (the magic word that rules the NBA draft) are far greater than Malcolm’s. Malcolm’s best chance to get drafted (the highest possible) was in this draft, not next year. I hate to see him go but I think his workouts will land him in a great place to succeed. Thoughts?

  • Anonymous

    Xavier Sua Fil’O. Will he be considered a Sophomore or Redshirt Sophomore when he returns? Put differently does the NCAA consider his two year mission just as they would a one year redshirt? Thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous

    Rosario Nelson makes the spectacular catch look easy and the easy catch difficult. What’s the problem? Who do you believe are the most deserving of playing time based on consistency?

  • Anonymous

    I felt that Chuck Bullough failed miserably as DC. But more specifically I thought more aggressive play calling would favor a young but talented defense. Felt they were always on their heels and reacting instead of disrupting the opposing offense. Do you think an aggressive (on defense) could help our young players next season?

  • Anonymous

    There was some speak of a kicker (just granted a sixth) year of eligibility) transferring to UCLA. With Kip Smith’s inconsistent and our punter hurt, it might make a lot of sense. Do you know if he is transferring to UCLA and do you know of any other transfers?

  • Anonymous

    UCLA football is dangerously thin at OT especially with Jeff Baca hobbled. I have heard a lot of positive comments about Conor Bradford this spring. I saw him a couple years back and thought he had a lot of agility in pass protection. Can he help us next year? Also, I recall CRN suggesting that he get up to 285 lbs, given that he was 250 just last year, do you believe he can put on the weight without losing too much agility?

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Would sure appreciate a Mason-Dixon Line update on Josh Smith to quell rumors. Is he a Happy Meal or a Sad Meal? Is he closer to 300 pounds or 400? This may be THE most important off-season question regarding Bruin (and even Pac-12) hoops for 2011-12.

  • Does income from the College World Series get split among all 10 or 12 conference teams? What will happen if Cal drops baseball – would it be split by fewer teams?

  • Anonymous

    worst team pact 12 team heading in, UCLA or Colorado? Isn’t be Wazzu.