Quick chat with UCLA recruit Ian Taubler

Inside UCLA Campus Correspondent Jacob Ruffman also put together some quick interviews at the Above and Beyond Lineman camp yesterday at Spaulding Field. Ruffman is a recruiting enthusiast and a terrific young writer, and I hope to have him as a frequent presence to ramp up our recruiting coverage. This is some great stuff, with more interviews to follow.

Here’s Round 3 with 3-star TE Ian Taubler, video at the end:

Ruffman: You were down here yesterday and you are you here today, what are you thinking about the camps? What are your thoughts on the coaches?
Taubler: “The camp was awesome. I love how young the coaching staff is. They’re all energized and ready to go. It’s great here, they all make me feel like family.”

JR: You were just watching the camp yesterday, did you take an unofficial afterwards?
IT: “Yeah, we just went and checked out all of the academic buildings and toured around the campus. I love the campus, it’s amazing.”

JR: What is your interest in UCLA as of now?
IT: “UCLA is really high on my list right now. They are one of my top schools.”

JR: Are you going to take all of your official visits?
IT: “No, I plan on making my decision this summer and I think I’ll just take the official to the school I commit to.”

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  • lavsmousse

    Its being reported that Stan Hasiak has been ruled academically ineligable for the upcoming season and is looking to transfer to a J.C. So long Stan, we hardly knew ye.

  • Semi-Pro

    Well, if true, that would certainly follow the pattern of “what ELSE can go wrong for our O-line?!” that we’ve seen over the past few seasons.

    It’s really laughable at this point.

    I’m still also expecting us to reach our quota of at least 2 more season-ending injuries to our starting O-line before Houston.

  • Coach Thom

    Where are the published reports on Stan?

  • Anonymous
  • Quentin

    OK, here is an interview with one of the best TE in the country, and he is loving on UCLA, and he COMMITTED to UCLA, and people can only write in comments about an OLineman who is having trouble in class again?

    This kid is a stud. He is one of the top TE in the country and has beaten number 4 all spring and summer long, and all y’all can say is Hasiak is ineligible.

    UCLA football fans need an electrical zap to the cojones.