Weekly Answers, Pt. 1

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1) Let’s say that numerous powerhouse programs try to live life at the edge and they all get caught and hammered by the NCAA over the next 20 years. Let’s say that UCLA, burned in the 90s by Jim Harrick and handicapped parking lot scandals, goes for the straight and narrow, higher-than-required academic standards, lower-than-sensible coaching salaries from the early 2000s on into the future. Eventually all the other powerhouse chips fall and UCLA wins the national championship in 2031. Possible? – Tim Warren
Are you talking football or basketball, because you kind of mixed the two? Basketball, no doubt, with the right mixture, UCLA is right back in the national title chase. Football? Well…

2) Which players are most likely to have a breakout season this year? Who’s our best offensive weapon and who’s our best defensive weapon? – Cheat On!
If healthy – and if he learns how to play the position with a little more nuance – Nelson Rosario could break out. Johnathan Franklin is obviously the biggest offensive weapon, though. Defensively, Datone Jones should break out and Patrick Larimore is the best defensive weapon.

3) Will Auburn’s National Championship hold up or will it go the way of sc’s National Championship? Which two teams will vie for the National Championship this year? – Bruinpils
I think Auburn’s NC will hold up, at least for a while, and Oklahoma/Alabama.

4) When are the basketball team rosters complete for the coming season? Will we be able to sign any more recruits for basketball? – bibs
The roster is complete.

5) Did Brehaut squander an opportunity in spring practice to put himself way out in front of the QB competition with Prince on the mend and Hundley still learning the position at this level? – sandiegobruinfan
I don’t think “squander” is really the right word. I think he showed marked improvement, but I think Kevin Prince also surprised some people with his velocity and relative mobility, and I just don’t think either has really sealed anything up. I’m not sure you can really, truly win the job in the spring when the previous year’s starter is returning from injury.