Weekly Answers, Pt. 2

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1) When will you expect the players to start summer “voluntary” workouts amongst themselves? And is Prince healthy enough to start participating? – Anonymous
They’ve started, and yes, Prince is clear to go.

2) Jon – Every now and again, UCLA Basketball gets a higly ranked national recruit. Do you really think the new Basketball assistant will make a difference in recruiting, as it seems he is expected to do? The ability to go out a get, on a consistant basis, highly ranked national recruits? Consistant as in at least one a year, year in and year out? – rejn
From what I understand, not enough is being said about McCray’s interpersonal abilities and likeability. Jordan Adams gushed over him after he committed. The list of players he’s worked with is incredible. This could be the gift that keeps on giving.

3) Will the new Pac12 tv deal mean fewer games on free tv each weekend, or will I have to buy the Pac12 Network to avoid going outside all day Saturday? – localbruin
The majors will still get their fair share of games, so you should be good.

4) Will the Rose Bowl’s new seats feature foot rests, individual tv screens and table service? If not, why all the fuss? – localbruin
Yes, and Megan Fox to personally deliver drinks and nachos. Now do you get it?

5) Jon do the incoming freshman report this weekend? – Bruinfan123
Yes, they’ve reported.