Weekly Answers, Pt. 3

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1) How is Prince’s rehab coming along? Will he be 100% by the start of practice in August? – Kolb Ate 10 Eggs
He is fully cleared and participating in 7-on-7s with his teammates.

2) When will Baca be game-ready? In his absence, what will the OL look like? Slide Sheller to OT and put Hasiak at guard? Or are Connor Bradford, Brett Downey, or anyone else legit replacements at tackle? – Kolb Ate 10 Eggs
First off, I’ve been trying to figure out your name for a while. Is this a pun? I’m stumped. Also: Baca is probably out until October, like the initial estimates, and I’d assume with Hasiak gone that Bradford slides into left tackle and Sheller to guard, but I need to see Albert Cid first. He might be able to move straight to left guard.

3) Both Strasburg and Gerrit Cole were RHP and first overall pick in the MLB draft. Who is/was a better overall prospect, the Aztec or the Bruin? – San Diego Therapist
I’ll take Trevor Bauer.

4) Jon, can you PLEASE ask RN why he isn’t actively pursuing more lineman (OL) and (DL). And when I say pursuing, I mean like, that’s the only thing I sincerely believes matters at this point, especially with usc being so weak on the line, they are going to be using their caps on needs. I understand we’re doing okay on the defensive side, but the fact remains the reason we have stunk besides not having a qb, is our Lines are too weak to make any dent in protection to prevent pressure, and on the other side, to weak to apply it. It just doesn’t make sense how many other positions we are going after when it all starts in the trenches? Thanks for the great coverage, and getting other people involved to keep up the information here. – D
Look, I agree with you. One of the knocks on Neuheisel going back to even his Colorado days was that he values style over substance, skill players over linemen, at least in recruiting. Look no further than the class of ’08, which only had Baca and Bradford in Neuheisel’s first class. I would’ve gone guns-blazin’ for a few more lower-level linemen prospects, just because of cases like this, where UCLA will again be thin. The last few years, the OL recruiting has been decent, but this is a huge year for linemen out west, and UCLA needs at least three of the better ones.

5) I understand the wishes of Howland and UCLA fans for Lee to have stayed one more year, but I cant really fault him for leaving. Individually I dont think college offered too much more, he’s become a great defender, his offense will always be a work in progress, no better place to work on it than in the NBA when all your focus is on hoops. The potential class for 2012 is absolutely loaded. While most of these players are younger their “potential” (the magic word that rules the NBA draft) are far greater than Malcolm’s. Malcolm’s best chance to get drafted (the highest possible) was in this draft, not next year. I hate to see him go but I think his workouts will land him in a great place to succeed. Thoughts? – Anonymous
I don’t know, I’m a little torn on that. My argument for Honeycutt leaving is because I don’t know he’d boost his stock too much with another year, even a successful one. He’s not going to look to score, his handles aren’t that great, and he couldn’t get much better than leading the conference in blocks and averaging 7-plus boards. Essentially, he is who he is, and another year of college wouldn’t have done much in terms of his draft prospects. Lee, though, with a slight boost in scoring, maybe to 14.5-15 per game, combined with a possible conference DPOY award, along with a decent run in the Tournament? That’s a first-rounder, for sure.

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  • D

    Thanks for answering my questions Jon, but you still didn’t mention the DL, I’m going to assume that Bullough was incompetent when it came to applying pressure via an aggressive scheme. Do you think Tresey will change this?

    On the OL topic, I think you’re right but I would go further and say we should sign 5-6 O-Linemen simply because a few will develop faster than others and I could CARE LESS about WR’s, RB’s, and TE’s which seem to be the only recruits I see us going after right now. Does RN “Get it” yet? you can have a decent QB, WR, and TE, give the QB 30 seconds to throw and Safeties, DBs, and DL will all be too tired to apply that pressure each down.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Jon, I wouldn’t overlook the Walk-On Barlow out of Helix High, he had an impressive Spring Game @ OG & folks seem to forget he was one of the 2010 Class’s more highly rated O-Linemen, Rivals # 13 ranked Center, Scout’s #32 ranked OG. California Top 100 # 93, Cal Hi Sports San Diego Section 1st Team Offense & Stanford Nike Camps O-Line MVP…it was a surprise to me he wasn’t offered a scholorship with the 2010 Class but last I heard he’s 6’3 310 & has been going hard @ OG…Griffith missed most of Spring Ball & Winter Conditioning due to injury & I wouldn’t put much faith in Al Cid while he still has Juco Summer School to complete…if anybody steps right up it will be Yandall or Barlow, I’d look for both to be in the rotation @ OG come Fall Camp & September 3rd Kickoff @ Houston…I see Maiava, Harris, Ward, Yandall, Sheller & Barlow in the rotation until Baca returns, maybe Al Cid, but then again we thought Griffiths would be an immediate contribution, as of now that’s yet to be proven.

  • Scout

    Just to comment – Bauer and Cole are both good prospects, but Strasburg was the top pitching prospect since Prior. Who knows how they turn out. . .obviously Prior peaked early and flamed out (nice work, Dusty Baker). But every single team in the league would trade Bauer to get Strasburg, even after surgery. He’s a level above.

  • miguelito

    Hey Gold:

    the 08 class was Neu’s for a month – he was hired at the end of Dec and I’m pretty sure there is a dead period in recruiting right around that time.

    I agree we need more OL, but using 08 as a year to mother F Neu about o-line recruiting is pretty lame.

    I’m pretty sure Dorrell was the only coach in Div I recruiting Bradford as an o-lineman.

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of Honeycutt, that wasn’t a good picture of him in the article. For some reason, he looked like a white European player wearing mustard and ketchup.

  • Bill

    I think Kolb ate ten eggs relates to a med school mnemonic I ate ten eggs at 12. Kolb is probably his name.