Weekly Answers, Pt. 4

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1) Hey jon, whats going on with conor mcdermott enrolling in a prep school this fall instead of attending UCLA? also the ucla website said jerry neuhiesal enrolled in summer school. So their goes grey shirting him right? thanks. – Bruinfan123
Jerry Neuheisel is still greyshirting – you can attend summer school but your clock doesn’t start, except I believe for the transfer rule, which shouldn’t be an issue. McDermott is at a prep school this fall trying to get bigger and stronger.

2) Jon, Why don’t you think our players play “Through the whistles” What I mean by that is, our WR’s constantly gave up after catches were made. Jonathan Franklin and Derrick Cole, are probably the only players I ever saw playing the entire down. Fighting for every yard despite having just gotten the ball. Is this disappointment going to change with our new coaches? Whose fault is it that our players basically quit on plays without fighting for extra yards, (and don’t get me started on dropped passes)…- D
To me, that goes to that confidence issue that Mike Johnson talks about. When you feel like you own the joint, any mistake eats at you. When you don’t, you start accepting small failures, and 100 small failures leads to one massive one.

3) Xavier Sua Fil’O. Will he be considered a Sophomore or Redshirt Sophomore when he returns? Put differently does the NCAA consider his two year mission just as they would a one year redshirt? Thanks in advance. – Anonymous
He’ll be a sophomore.

4) Rosario Nelson makes the spectacular catch look easy and the easy catch difficult. What’s the problem? Who do you believe are the most deserving of playing time based on consistency? – Anonymous
I would say Nelson Rosario does that sometimes, but I’m not so sure about Rosario Nelson. Rosario Dawson? Another story. The problem with Rosario is I don’t think he quite nows how good he can be, and I think that makes him lose focus sometimes or not sell out 100 percent. I think last season was a model of inconsistency for the whole group, and no one really “earned” it. But I expect better things for the unit this season under Johnson.

5) I felt that Chuck Bullough failed miserably as DC. But more specifically I thought more aggressive play calling would favor a young but talented defense. Felt they were always on their heels and reacting instead of disrupting the opposing offense. Do you think an aggressive coach (on defense) could help our young players next season? – Anonymous
As I wrote last year after the Oregon game – when you have a young, frenetic defense that is going to be out of position just because they’re young and eager, you just let them go wild. If they’re getting 60-yard runs against your BASE defense, you might a well go crazy. From the sound of it, Tresey will only be as aggressive as the defense lets him; that is to say, he likes pressure and wants pressure, but he won’t sacrifice to get it. This will be a more veteran unit, though, so a lot of that pressure should be organic, and not forced by sending nine guys. August will reveal a lot about this group, though.

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  • Dave

    Thanks for the Blog. Would you please let me know how to submit a question?

  • BruinFaithful

    Ian Taubler 6-5 250 lbs. Fresno Bullard HS TE just committed to UCLA. I wonder if Breckterfield recruited him too. Smart kid. Looks like the type of guy Stanford has been winning lately.