Weekly Q&A

Fire away with questions for this week’s Q&A. Please don’t post new questions on the answers section, because I don’t always check the comments. Save them for next week.


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  • orangecountybruin


    If you were a betting man, who would you bet will be our next big basketball commit?


  • captainqtp

    If we get Barry Sanders, could we stop recruiting offensive linemen for the next couple years? Would opposing teams simply forfeit instead of playing us? Is there any chance UCLA could lose the BCS title game? When he wins his fourth Heisman, does he get a free bonus trophy?

  • The Blur


    Any inside scoop on whether baseball commits Joe Ross and Austin Hedges are leaning toward the Padres or UCLA?

  • bibs

    Do you agree with the comment that AAU coaches are bad for college basketball and the new hire at UCLA will have a negative effect on the basketball program?

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Jon: I’ll try this a third time, because I believe it to be a very important topic to our next hoops season, if not for the entire Pac-12, too, as we still have to be a favorite to win it this time around. There’s been some chatter about Josh Smith and his growing girth. I was sure hoping to see more like 290 on him than 375. What do you know about this “weighty” issue?

  • Anonymous

    I know some are disappointed with the recruiting service rankings of some of our recent verbally committed football recruits. If they have impressed the Bruin coaches that’s all I need to know.

    However, do you think accepting verbals from “less celebrated” recruits hurt when recruiting bigger name recruits?

  • Anonymous

    Two football recruits-one late in 2011 and the other early in 2012 – “won” combine competitions.

    I know this speaks to potential as football players. How much weight do you think coaches give these performances? What is your personal opinion of these competions?

  • ty

    Do you feel Brett Hundley should red shirt since we have 2 returning starters? (He should change his number to 7 since morrell and viney are leaving)

  • tim warren

    Any feel for getting Shabazz Muhammad?

  • BruinBall

    I don’t think the university or AD Dan Guerrero has said anything about Neu’s job. However it seems like when there is a coach on the hot seat and he gets out to a less than stellar start, the media kind of creates it on narrative about the situation; starts asking players about it, ESPN highlights it and everybody starts asking how many wins does a coach need to keep his job. With this schedule, can the team realistically get out to a fast start this season and avoid this scenario or are we in for the circus atmosphere all season?

  • Anonymous

    Is Mattingly going to be the Dodgers manager next year?

  • johncomd


    I asked a question awhile back but it was probably too verbose. Basically, it is my impression that sometime awhile back, UCLA decided that it would not compete with the escalating coaches’ salary arms race in football. I believe it coincided with Chancellor Carnesale’s hiring. The problem with this is that UCLA cannot hire the best asst. Coaches and thus, are unable to recruit on a par with the USCs and Texas’ of this world. What do you think?

  • Tim

    What can a UCLA student (who goes to the home games, and is passionate about the team) do to improve the state of our Men’s football and basketball teams?

  • Brock

    I have always wondered why baseball players are allowed to technically go through the draft process but still be able to return to school where other sports do not allow this. Any insight from you Mr. Gold? How is this fair?

  • howlandfan

    Jon what do you expect that starting 5 to be? My guess is Smith, Nelson, Parker, Lamb, and Jones. Thankshmn

  • howlandfan

    Any summer updates on bball? Zeke’s hand? Smith’s weight and conditioning? Jermie and Tyler’s development? When will you have the feature on DEnd Parker? Thanks

  • Anonymous

    Have you viewed a highlight video of Mario Yakoo? If so what did you think and can you provide the link for the rest of us?

  • Rico Bruin

    Jon you seem to be very knowledgeable on O line play.

    What prompted the change to weak and strong side alignments? Personnel, Maestro, pass protection.


  • Anonymous

    Chris Martin OLB/DE has left U. of Florida. (committed to Notre Dame then Cal and then the Gators)

    Is this a player that the Bruins could use? Are they recruiting him? In general should UCLA pursue “fickle” athletes,like Brandon Willis and Chris Martin?

  • ty

    Do you feel Malcolm Jones should red shirt this season do to depth at our running back position?

  • localbruin

    Jon, Neuheisel got a law degree form USC. He might be purposefully sabotaging Ucla football. Can you ask him next time you see him?

  • BruinADub

    Was Alterraun Verner allowed to work out with the football team while he was on campus? Did he get to help coach our DBs at all?

  • MichaelRyerson

    Neuheisel didn’t actually attend USC law school. He just sent in the coupon he clipped from the L.A.Times sports section. I think his ‘diploma’ is signed by Simers and Paschke.

  • Dave

    Jon, I saw an interview with Coach Johnson where he talked about the QB’s taking it upon themselves to go out and throw a 1,000 passes for each route everyday to develop muscle memory recall. Do you know if the QB’s have been doing this? Especially before the PRP’s started.


  • rejn

    Jon – I saw this off of the bruinzone.com webiste – any truth to it, or do you know anything, yet?



    Shabazz Muhammad to UCLA

    Big news out of Los Angeles last night. After hearing that Shabazz Muhammad was going to UCLA from a Bishop Gorman assistant coach, I checked with my sources inside the UCLA athletic department. They said that it was a “done deal” after he came out to visit in Westwood.

    A Duke official had this to say, “We never felt good about him (Muhammad) from the beginning. Being so close to UCLA and with Ben Howland’s reputation, everyone thought he was headed there.”

    Muhammad is expected to verbally committ in the next week.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t think so. Most likely a bogus post. I doubt very much a Duke official would comment on a recruit on record before said recruit signs the the LOI. That’s an NCAA violation.

  • Anonymous

    If we get Barry Sanders, then yes, we could stop recruiting but unfortunately it’s Barry Sanders, Jr.

  • Anonymous

    Bruins goal to break top 100 in total offense this year, or trying to keep the streak alive?

  • kennyJ

    Now that Adams committed and ESPN recruiting having Shaq, Shabazz, and Ashley high on the BRUINS. Who do you think will follow? Hopefully we can add a Rose to the list. I’m also hearing “rumors” on Shabazz. Any truth to that?

  • kennyJ

    I’m hearing Jaydon Mickens and Jordan Payton are not going to SUC. Can we get them? We could really use some weapons for Hundley

  • jdoggbruin

    just saw this after posting comment elsewhere. might be better to ask it here:

    any chance for updates on ucla men’s bball recruiting ever again???

    dominic artis was just at ucla for an unofficial, how about some quotes or tidbits?

    or try to get in touch with shaq goodwin for an interview. or lj rose…or kyle anderson…or verbal commit jordan adams…or *gasp* shabazz muhammad???

    we are on the verge of a monster recruiting class for bball are we not??

  • ucla steve

    Will jerime anderson live up to the “standard” for point guards in his last season at point guard u? How important is Anderson’s off season development and senior performance?