Weekly Answers, Pt. 1

Check out the first batch of weekly answers…

1) There was some speak of a kicker (just granted a sixth) year of eligibility) transferring to UCLA. With Kip Smith’s inconsistent and our punter hurt, it might make a lot of sense. Do you know if he is transferring to UCLA and do you know of any other transfers?
The kid you’re talking about is Greg Zuerlein from Nebraska-Omaha, and he’s been denied a sixth year at the D-1, so he can’t transfer up. Kip Smith is going to be thrown to the wolves, and he better respond or else Jeff Locke might be pulling double duty.

2) UCLA football is dangerously thin at OT especially with Jeff Baca hobbled. I have heard a lot of positive comments about Conor Bradford this spring. I saw him a couple years back and thought he had a lot of agility in pass protection. Can he help us next year? Also, I recall CRN suggesting that he get up to 285 lbs, given that he was 250 just last year, do you believe he can put on the weight without losing too much agility? – Anonymous
Bradford looked good but not great in spring ball, but his attitude and his commitment to getting better cannot be discounted. He simply needs more upper-body strength, which isn’t just like snapping your fingers. For some guys – like a Micah Kia – it looks like they do one pushup and turn into a blowfish, puffing up. For others, it’s harder to come by, and I know Bradford went into the offseason hoping to work on it. I think he’ll be a valuable member of the rotation. And yes, he has a big enough frame to put on a lot of upper-body weight.

3) Would sure appreciate a Mason-Dixon Line update on Josh Smith to quell rumors. Is he a Happy Meal or a Sad Meal? Is he closer to 300 pounds or 400? This may be THE most important off-season question regarding Bruin (and even Pac-12) hoops for 2011-12. – ucla-of-the-rockies
From what I understand, he hasn’t become Kirstie Alley like everyone thinks, but he’s not exactly on his way to Calista Flockhart, either. He needs to really hunker down for an extended period to try to change his body, and I don’t know that he has yet.

4) Does income from the College World Series get split among all 10 or 12 conference teams? What will happen if Cal drops baseball – would it be split by fewer teams? – BruinBall
I think Cal baseball is in the clear, but I believe it would be split among whoever fields a team, which I assume will be all 12.

5) worst team pact 12 team heading in, UCLA or Colorado? Isn’t be Wazzu. – Anonymous
It’s Wazzu.

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  • Anonymous

    No way wazzu is worst team, Bruins are awful

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Thanks Jon. Best be happy w/Kirstie Flockhart for now. And be thankful we’ve got Reeves, Lane, 2 Wears and Stover to bang him into shape once he’s done inhaling half of the Puget Sound this summer.

  • Coach Thom

    Jon…why are people so unkind?

  • Anonymous

    Jon. How about you make a trip to Westwood and get the info you need on Smith and the rest of the basketball team first hand. Just a suggestion.

  • timmah

    Kirstie Alley is a confusing standard of comparison, I didn’t know if you meant skinny Kirstie, huge Kirstie, or relatively skinny/huge Kirstie.