Caldwell poaches Boykin

Nikki Caldwell didn’t just take her high heels to LSU, she’s bringing along something – make that someone – else.

Caldwell announced on Tuesday that the Tigers have signed former UCLA recruit Sheila Boykin, who was granted a release from her letter of intent.

Boykin, who was rated the No. 27 prospect in the country by, averaged 10 points and 8.3 rebounds for the Jackrabbits last season.

Boykin would’ve joined a talented UCLA roster under new head coach Cori Close, who will still bring in No 25-rated Kacy Swain, along with Moriah Faulk and Alexis Perry.

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  • miguelito

    nobody cares

  • BruinInSeattle

    you don’t speak for everyone, miguelito.

  • jdoggbruin

    any chance for updates on ucla men’s bball recruiting ever again???

    dominic artis was just at ucla for an unofficial, how about some quotes or tidbits?

    or try to get in touch with shaq goodwin for an interview. or lj rose…or kyle anderson…or verbal commit jordan adams…or *gasp* shabazz muhammad???

    we are on the verge of a monster recruiting class for bball are we not??

  • saxylady

    $#*&^#(*$^#*($ I was afraid something like this was going to happen. Darn.

  • PV Bruin

    Stay Classy Nikki… this is not the way to thank UCLA for your first opportunity to be a head coach.

  • Rob

    Guys, remember that Boykin is an 18 year old kid, who formed a bond with a coach who happens to be at LSU now. While we like to pretend our student athletes are property of the university, it is not the case as she was released from her L.O.I. Good luck to both of them and hopefully we use this as motivation to beat them next year.

  • Bob

    I’m so stressed, this might just put me over the edge. Come on Jon, all this bad news, I’m barely hanging on knowing we lost half our offensive line and now a womens basketball recruit.

    Sheila say it ain’t so.

    Jon you know people, give the Broncos a call and hook me up for a round of golf with Tebow. I’m pretty sure I can give him a PGA type beat down.

  • Sleepy LaBeef

    College basketball recruiting is covered in the fine print of “All is fair in love and war.” Nothing wrong with Caldwell doing what she’s paid to do, and you certainly can’t blame the kid for wanting to play for her. Bigger picture is, I hate to see a LB Poly kid go elsewhere; was hoping Jasmine Dixon’s success could help us get more Poly kids to UCLA. Coach Buggs has a great program there.

  • BruinFaithful

    F’n biaaatch. I hope Coach Close jams it down her throat for years to come.

  • ty

    Wow… I hope we play them and wool some #$@..!

  • MichaelRyerson

    Eh, Rob got it about right. Like all incoming freshmen, she’s a kid and nobody ‘owns’ her. She’s got a small window to find out about herself and her potential and it’s up to her to make good decisions. As for us, win some, lose some. Good luck to her and Coach Caldwell, and let’s take ’em to the cleaners when we play.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Agreed, MRyer … and isn’t this just the women catching up to what the men’s game have been “pros” at 4 years? Suddenly, the women do it and it’s called prostitution.

  • Anonymous

    those numbers are sick!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    We all knew Caldwell was a very good hire. Close was a “wtf” hire. Now I can go back to not caring about UCLA womens basketball.

  • jeffinboston

    Pretty harsh Miuelito. Hopefully one day these young women will earn their right to run in the Kentucky Derby, errrr, WNBA. Assuming the NBA doesn’t smarten up and cut their losses. How long have those love handles been sagging off the side of the association now?

  • miguelito

    that should be the first order of business for david stern.

    pull all funding to the wnba, take that old tired dog behind the shed and put her out of her misery.

  • JakeB

    Caldwell is pure trash.