UCLA ranked No. 84 in Sporting News preseason poll

What say you, UCLA fans?

The Bruins are ranked 84th in the country by Sporting News, and I had a feeling some of you would have some opinions on that. My take? That’s pretty darn low, behind such powerhouses as Troy, Florida International, Toledo and Colorado State. I’d peg the Bruins for the mid-60s as of now, but not 84.

  • Blitzed

    It’s probably a little on the low side. But we’ve got a revamped coaching staff, two mediocre at best QB options(That have experience anyway), WR’s that last year couldn’t catch a cold, and a head coach who lets be honest, just hasn’t ever gotten it done. Other teams will get the benefit of the doubt. We won’t. And with good reason.

  • bruincheerleader

    i saw this listing in the magazine on a plane headed home from Michigan…it was depressing to say the least…i am convinced we will win 7 or if lucky 8 games…that is not an 84th ranked team by any stretch of the imagination…i will not read SPORTING NEWS ever again…they know jack-**** about UCLA…

  • ohh yeah

    Who is really to say if it’s low or not. It could be too high, it remains to be seen. My question, Jon, is don’t you think UCLA fans deserve better than this? You’re always scolding us and telling us our expectations are too high, but take a look at the national expectations. 84th? For a team in one of the best recruiting hotbeds in the country, with the best athletic tradition in the country? UCLA fans don’t deserve to go through this every year. It’s been a deplorable 12 years, when will the administration get a real football coach and end our misery? And can you stop now with the “UCLA fans are unrealistic” lines? We’re 84th in the country, Jon. 84th. It’s not unrealistic to expect better than that.

  • rejn

    60, 80, 120???

    Does it really make that much difference? It just means that we/UCLA are in the bottom half of all the schools in Division I. That’s not saying a whole lot. 60th is nothing to be too encouraged with. And if true, it just means another awful football season. This is getting a little ridiculous. There’s no way UCLA should have sunken this low. A few years ago schools like Oregon State, Oregon, Washington State, maybe Cal and Stanford, and so forth were usually considered the bottom dwellers, and now, it looks like UCLA has replaced at least one of those schools with that reputation. UCLA football used to be something to look forward to with great anticipation and having a good (and sometimes a great) season. Are those days long gone? And will we ever see them again?

  • cliq

    Woo I am one of the 9 voters for 1-20

    because we have absolutely no idea.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Somewhere between 40-60 is more accurate, maybe even in the 30s. But that’s jaded a bit, because Bruin fans know we have more than what meets the black-and-white major media’s eye. What do they see? CBS Sports listed CRN the other day as one of four coaches — FOUR! — nationwide who will lose his job this year.
    And no comfort in this list: three of the others were Bob Toledo (gulp) and the New Mexico (2-22 past 2 yrs.) and Wazzu (5-43 past 4 yrs.) coaches.

  • UCLArt

    I’m over caring about preseason hype and rankings.

    All that I want is a team that competes and plays well on both sides of the ball.

    That’s it. I’m not asking for much.

  • BruinFaithful

    This is ridiculously low. However, you can’t blame them, considering the product we have placed on the field. Until we produce a better product, we can’t demand any respect.

    There is no question in my mind that this team has Top 25 talent, the question is, do they have top 25 heart?

  • tim

    OOh! I know! First, let’s hire a “real” coach–someone like Pete Carroll, and pay him like $10 million/year and make him the highest paid public employee (more than the governor, UC President, all the chancellors, etc.) in the state like a lot of other “real” football state universities across the nation do, and let’s totally drop our academic standards for athletes to the bare minimum like Oklahoma, Florida, etc., etc. Who cares if we have another Billy Don Jackson scandal like we did in the 80s–Rkemember?–When at his sentencing for stabbing a guy to death, it came out that he was functionally illiterate? It’s just football, guys. Just a game. Put it in its proper perspective. And be patient. The team actually IS getting better. We’s been hobbled by injuries and other bad luck, but our recruiting actually has been improving day by day this summer, and the coaching changes by Rick have received a lot of complementary comments. Rick is a good coach. He actually did relatively well at Colorado & Udubb, other than the NCAA infrsctions, and he’s doing his utmost to run a clean program at UCLA, which should be our greatest concern. These things go in cycles. Everyone’s worried because Stanford is doing better than us right now, but they did the same thing in the early 70s in the Jim Plunkett era too. Give it another season or two. Things will get better. Go Bruins!
    –Tim, UCLA ’85

  • tim warren

    I’m still trying to equate “highly rated recruiting classes” in 08/09/10 to “below expected performance levels on the field” in 10 to “low projected season finishes” for 11.

  • Pre-Season Mags are BS!

    The only Mag that is worth reading is Phil Steele, he actually does research and takes account of the talent we have on the team. He has us ranked in the top 40 and see us playing in the Sun Bowl and finishing 3rd in the South. So the rest of these Mags, SPorting News,Athlon, Lindys ETC. Do very little research and actually never take recruiting into account IE.. RN has brought in 3 top 10 classes prior to 2011, we played more freshman then any school in the Nation, and every one of those freshman were 4 and 5 star recruits. So Sporting News how do you like them apples…

  • tim warren

    Pre-Season Mags are BS! has a good point. The gamblers want to base their wagers on good research and Phil Steele does deliver for them in that area.

  • Realism

    Honestly, if we were to rework the recruiting scores after removing the players that have left the program, I seriously doubt we would be ranked in the top 25 any of those years. Dean, Hasiak, Sua Filo, Pressely, Woods, all three of those jackass’s that were kicked off the team last year. Really, it seems like all the heralded players have left the program.

  • Anonymous

    In a cynical way, without these b.s. pre-season ranking mags, UCLA fans will steadily grow apathetic about this program. However, CRN has to be commended for running a relatively clean program, which actually says a lot this day and age…