Weekly Answers, Pt. 2

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1) Is Mattingly going to be the Dodgers manager next year? – Anonymous
Yes, but it’s a make-or-break year, I think.

2) I asked a question awhile back but it was probably too verbose. Basically, it is my impression that sometime awhile back, UCLA decided that it would not compete with the escalating coaches’ salary arms race in football. I believe it coincided with Chancellor Carnesale’s hiring. The problem with this is that UCLA cannot hire the best asst. Coaches and thus, are unable to recruit on a par with the USCs and Texas’ of this world. What do you think? – johncomd
Well, in the 2010 USA Today Coaches’ Salary Database, UCLA’s $640,000 on assistant coaches was No. 8 in the country. Perhaps more interesting, Rick Neuheisel’s is 48th. But I don’t think it’s any more meaningful than the handful of other reasons that UCLA hasn’t been able to compete in recent years to a major level.

3) What can a UCLA student (who goes to the home games, and is passionate about the team) do to improve the state of our Men’s football and basketball teams? – Tim
Create a Pyramid Scheme – tell 10 friends to tell 10 friends to go to a specific game, and tell them to tell those friends to tell 10 friends and so on. Cheer loudly at basketball games for more than 22 seconds at a time. Pump gummiberry juice in Kevin Prince’s knee. There you go.

4) I have always wondered why baseball players are allowed to technically go through the draft process but still be able to return to school where other sports do not allow this. Any insight from you Mr. Gold? How is this fair? – Brock
It’s not fair at all, and it reeks of racism. Most college baseball players are white. Most college basketball and football players are not. The NFL and NBA owners sure are, except for a couple. There’s something wrong with the systems, and don’t even get me started on the one-and-done rule. I wish there was a better way.

5) Jon what do you expect that starting 5 to be? My guess is Smith, Nelson, Parker, Lamb, and Jones. Thanks – howlandfan
From what I hear, David Wear has been pretty impressive, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a starting lineup of Jones, Anderson/Lamb, Wear, Nelson and Smith. Without seeing them compete against D-1 players, I can’t really just put Parker or Norman Powell into the starting lineup, but who knows, they could make an immediate impact.

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  • Anonymous

    e: question #2 – Is the assistant coaches figure inflated because Chow’s contract was back-loaded?

    Re: question #4 – I guess some people can find the race card wherever they want. Even if it’s not there.

  • INawe

    oh racism. deal with it. it’s everywhere.

  • Anonymous

    Rascism? Really Jon? You really want to pull the racism card on a college sports blog. pathetic.

  • Anonymous

    You ask for the mans opinion and he gives it then you just bitch about what he says…that’s pathetic. Freedom of speech, if you don’t want to hear someone freely express their beliefs go move to North Korea. Jon keep speaking your mind man, haters gonna hate.

  • Anonymous

    Jon gave his opinion and we gave ours. See how that works? This is a blog.

  • returnedfromnyc

    How completely ridiculous to state that Race doesn’t play a role in the economics and politics of amateur and professional sports. The fact is, MLB draftees have more “economic freedom” than NFL or NBA draftees. What are the differences between the sets of athletes? Race looms large among the factors. Maybe an idea worth exploring, given U.S. history? But, some people shoot such a concept down without thinking… unthinking. To say that Race plays a role in the differences between the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB drafts is NOT the same thing as saying there are “Racists” making up rules. One might hope that UCLA grads would grasp the concept that Racism lives on in large institutions (which change much slower than individuals) unconsciously, without explicit malice. I don’t believe Jon is saying Race is the only factor, only one possible idea to explore.

  • Anonymous

    Yup, except the average quality/IQ of comments on here is mind-numbingly low, probably because of all the loser trOJans who have nothing better to do than dream about what it would have been like to be a Bruin. Btw, did some idiot just say we should accept racism and deal with it? Fool. Move to Iran, China, or N. Korea, bigot!

  • Rico Bruin

    Jon tell me you were joking about racism??

    My head is not in the sand, but come on dude, not like you.

    I am hoping it was that sarcastic sense of humor you possess.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Tough room.
    Jon, keep up w/YOUR opinions. They are refreshing. And, hell, it is Independence Day.
    OK, I’m gonna lighten it up a bit …
    Gotta be a 3-guard look this year w/Jones-Anderson-Lamb flanked by the very capable frontline of Reeves & Smith. Need more size? Enter a Wear, Stover or Lane. Parker/Powell could put immediate pressure on Anderson/Lamb, but I agree it’s gotta be proven first.
    Happy 4th!

  • No, Rico, it was not a joke. And I stand by what I said.

    For everyone: You can have your opinions. Just keep them civil. I will ban anyone who gets out of line immediately.

  • The Blur

    Re: #4; I think the answer is that since baseball players have to commit for 3 years, this is a fair trade-off for HS seniors. As for college juniors, baseball players leaving early still go to the minors where they must prove themselves, while football and basketball players who leave early are likely to go straight to the NFL or NBA where they’ll get fat contracts. In other words, MLB isn’t looking for immediate roster players, whereas the NFL and NBA are, and therefore need to know one way or the other at draft time.

    I just don’t understand why the NBA can’t use baseball’s model – if you want to go pro out of high school and forfeit college eligibility, go ahead. If you want to go to college, you gotta commit for 3 years.

    Don’t really see the racist side, but agree that if you ask Jon’s opinion, you shouldn’t harass him when he gives it. In fact, I think Jon should expand on his opinion – that’s a big claim to leave hanging when there’s potential for an intelligent discussion (though maybe not on this blog, and I can appreciate if Jon feels it’s best not to go down that road.)

  • See, guys, The Blur understands how to have an intelligent discussion, and I appreciate it.

    The Blur makes a good point about the immediate roster addition argument, and it’s something I did not take into consideration. Very good point.

    But I also don’t think you can ignore the blatant uneven playing field here.

    Making a 21- or 22-year-old kid decide his future in January, when the NFL draft is in April, is extremely unfair to me. Same with basketball. Only it’s only worse, cuz the players are even younger. You don’t feel an ounce of sympathy for Honeycutt or Lee or even Josh Selby, guys who now have a much tougher road than their baseball counterparts?

    Perhaps racism was a poor choice of words, because no, I don’t think NBA or NFL owners are racist. I think the system is inherently flawed in favor of said owners, to a dangerous extent, without a catchall. In baseball, it’s not the same. Just so happens that baseball players tend to be white, and football and basketball players tend to be black. But that “just so happens” is pretty damn curious to me.

  • Bruintx

    MLB has 50 (five-zero) rounds a year in their draft. The bulk of baseball draftees do not sign when they first get drafted unless they cant get into college. Most have other (better) options to improve their game besides signing at 18 years of age. Many college players dont even sign at the first opportunity to go pro. THIS is why baseball players are allowed to be drafted. How many college football or basketball players would pass being drafted? (Answer is VERY VERY few)

    NFL has 7 rounds and ONE league. NBA has only two rounds and only one small developmental league. Baseball has Rookie league, single A, double A and triple A leagues. The pool of baseball players and their options of where to play is just so much more vast than other sports, its not comparable.

    I really enjoy Jon’s blog, but I cant agree with his point of view on this one. I just cant see it. He is trying to compare apples with oranges and coming to the wrong conclusion in my opinion.


  • Blitzed

    I think Bruintx hit the nail on the head. It’s apples and oranges. The NFL and NBA draftee’s go straight into the pros. Or at the very least, camps with a direct shot of making a roster. The vast majority of these kids being drafted in baseball are probably not going to make it all the way to the bigs. Many will wind up as minor league roster filling lifer’s until they give up and move on or get too old to be there.

    And the money their getting is so much less. Sure a few first round guys will get a few million, but that’s nothing like what guys drafted in the first round of the NFL or NBA will get.

  • Anonymous

    The 2010 salaries may have been 8th only because they backloaded Norm Chow’s salary. They payed him a very average salary the first two years because the Titans were still paying Chow.

    The salary average will go back to being middle of the pack next year. And thats with the cost of living in LA.

  • Marge Schott

    Racism, what Racism?

    We LOVE dark meat, isn’t that right Schottzie?

  • Dan Issel

    I only had a problem with that Mexican at the game.